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The Mega Challenge can be found in the Trials menu, below the Main Challenge. The Mega Challenge levels are notoriously difficult with even many well high level and geared up players having trouble and not being able to complete them.

Mega Challenge Levels
Mega Challenge Levels

While they are more or less the same as normal levels, there are very strong debuffs in play as you progress further into a level. For example instant damage kills! This kind of thing makes the levels very difficult to complete.

Consider the debuffs when making your weapon skill loadout, will you go for offense to take out the hoards, or something that will give you some extra shielding, or a bit of both. Because apart from the hoards, the bosses are also very strong so you need a good weapon loadout to target the bosses too.

If you are having particular trouble with the bosses, then try using the Kunai as it will target the boss as you move around the screen. If it is the hoard you are having issues with then opt for the baseball bat, or if you have it, the Lightchaser. For the very lucky, of course, Void Power is the ultimate weapon skill choice.

If you have come here for some suggestions then I would go for the following lineup:

Equipped Weapon:

Kunai, or Lightchaser if you have it.

Weapon Skills:

Drone A and Drone B - Evolved to Destroyer and freeing up a new weapon slot



Lightning Emitter

This is a very strong combination of weapons to target both the hoard and the bosses. You may want to get some protection also from the Forcefield device and/or the Guardian.

Make sure that you get the corresponding supply skills so you are able to upgrade all of your weapons to evolution level where they become very powerful.

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