Chapter 14 - Research Lab Guide

Chapter 14 - Research Lab

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Despite having good level equipment, in the 40s and all excellent level equipment, I was still struggling getting past Chapter 14 with the Baseball Bat, so some grinding was required during the Autumn Leaves event to unlock the Lightchaser! (How to get the Lightchaser)

This is easily possible to do with some level grinding, no money needed to be paid. Basically the strategy was to re run Chapter 4 - Financial Center, there it was easily possible with minimum effort to kill 50,000 monsters per run, then it was just a matter of doing it over lots of time to meet the requirements of the Autumn Leaves missions.

So with Lightchaser equipped, Chapter 14 was easily dispatched with the rest of my equipment at level 40 more or less. The only other S Tier equipment I have currently is the Eternal Suit, which is great because you get an extra life during the chapter with +15% attack and movement speed.

Basically with the Lightchaser, this level was a breeze and it didn't really matter what other skills I picked up along the way, as long as I got the matching supply skill to get the weapons skill to evo level (Evolution Skills).

If you are having trouble with this level and cannot get the Lightchaserm then I would run with the same setup we used in Chapter 13 - Armory Interior which was pretty strong, and is listed below:

Light Chaser
Forcefield Device
Lightning Emitter
Rocket Launcher
Drone A
Drone B

Check out this video from our friends at which shows you our run through of this level.

Chapter 14 Walkthrough

If you are having trouble passing levels check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on getting more coins, designs and XP in the game. Learn more about the equipment in the game with our Equipment Guide. Good equipment can make the difference in passing levels or not.

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