Chapter 8 - Farmland Guide

Chapter 8 - Farmland

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Chapter 8 is particularly annoying and difficult for a couple of reasons. At the beginning, it is quite difficult to gain EXP, the monsters are small, very spread out, and only drop green dots.

This means that you should be focusing on anything that improves your shooting or your defense. Although the level does change over time, the initial few minutes are not so enjoyable as you will be scrabbling around for small pieces of EXP trying to get the next upgrade.

The last 30 seconds of the chapter is also incredibly difficult, thanks to good equipment, especially the Eternal Suit (Equipment Database) which gives one free regeneration, I was able to get through it eventually!

Basically the monster swarm increases significantly in power and numbers at the end of the chapter and it did take me a few tries and some grinding (Grinding Guide) to finally complete it, this was partly due to not getting the best skill drops too.

Here is a rundown of our loadout and some info on the boss battles.

Skill Recommendations

Here is the loadout we used to defeat Chapter 8.
Chapter 8 Skills Loadout
Chapter 8 Skills Loadout

As you can see from the screenshot we chose the following weapon skills
Kunai (Shuriken)
Forcefield Device (Pressure Forcefield)
Laser Launcher (Death Ray)
Durian (Caltrops)
Lightning Emitter (Thunderbolt Power Cell)
Brick (Dumbbell)

Ideally you should be picking all of the matching evolution supply skills and the Hi Power Bullet, as you can see from the screenshot we didn't get the opportunity to get the Fitness Guide so missed evolving the brick to Dumbbell, but still managed to complete the level.

Energy Cube - Decreases the cooldown of all weapons, and allows the evolution of laser launcher and lightning emitter
HE Fuel - Increases the range of all ammo, and allows the evolution of the Durian
Energy Drink - Will give you back some hitpoints over time and allows the evolution of the Forcefield
Kings Ninja Scroll - Increases the EXP you gain by collecting on the map and evolves Kunai to Shurkien
Ronin Oyoroi - Decreased damage received
Hi-Power Bullet - Increases your overall attack. This is a nice option for a big power up.

Boss Battles

Boss 3 - Zombie Chief
Zombie Chief
Zombie Chief

If you make it past the last 30 seconds of chapter 7, you'll surely dispatch this final boss of the level fairly easily. Stay away from him and let your shuriken and other long range weapons take him out. If he gets too close your Death Ray will inflict significant damage.

If you are having trouble, make sure you have all of the best equipment by checking through our Equipment Database to find out which pieces of equipment have the buffs you need. Also check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on gaining the gold and EXP you need to power up your hero.

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