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Grinding Guide

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Here are a few ideas to grind some gold, designs and exp in order to level up your equipment and evolve your player.

There are many grinding options in here are our recommendations:

1. Complete your Trials
Trials unlock after you complete a level, complete the trials for the level you just completed before attempting the next chapter this will get you a ton of resources to level up.

2. Complete Dailies and Weeklies
There are Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks which will give you a lot of gold and gems, they are generally not too complicated to do and help in the grind a lot.

3. Check the Shop
See what you can get for free or by just watching ads. Use any spare gems on EDF supply boxes. For every 10 you open you get a piece of excellent grade equipment.

4. Replay levels
If you are still struggling completing a level, replay levels you have already completed for some extra resources.

5. Collect Patrol Rewards
Collect your patrol rewards regularly and use excess energy to get quick earnings from patrols too.

6. Complete Daily Events
Utilise the daily events game to get some extra resources too.

7. Grind Carnival to 700 points
As a free to play player you should be able to grind to 700 points in the carnival relatively easily. This will unlock you a piece of powerful equipment called the Eternal Suit with is excellent grade.

All of the above game options will help you grind to get powered up and help you complete the next chapter in the game.

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