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Chapter 9 is similar to Chapter 3 - Basement Parking, just harder!. You are in a closed area again and fight more bosses this level and get introduced to tougher pink butterflies - but at least they drop blue dots.

Being in a closed area does change the way you play the game a bit, you can't run off forever in direction, to escape the monsters when you are in trouble you can try to scoot around the outside edges of the map, or look for an opportunity to get from one side to the other.

Chapter 9 Gameplay
Chapter 9 Gameplay

Our chosen skill loadout worked very well on this map and we were actually able to complete it on the first try and directly after completing Chapter 8 - Farmland.

Here is a rundown of our loadout and some info on the boss battles.

Skill Recommendations

Here is the loadout we used to defeat Chapter 9.

Chapter 9 Skills
Chapter 9 Skills

As you can see from the screenshot we chose the following weapon skills

Kunai (Shuriken)

Forcefield Device (Pressure Forcefield)

Laser Launcher (Death Ray)

Durian (Caltrops)

Drill (Whistling Arrow)

Brick (Dumbbell)

Ideally you should be picking all of the matching evolution supply skills which in this case are:

Energy Cube - Decreases the cooldown of all weapons, and allows the evolution of laser launcher and lightning emitter

HE Fuel - Increases the range of all ammo, and allows the evolution of the Durian

Energy Drink - Will give you back some hitpoints over time and allows the evolution of the Forcefield

Kings Ninja Scroll - Increases the EXP you gain by collecting on the map and evolves Kunai to Shurkien

Ammo Thruster - Increases bullet speed

Fitness Guide - Increases health.

Boss Battles

This chapter is shorter, and only takes 10 minutes to complete and there are 5 boss battles to get through in this level, they get increasingly harder as the chapter goes on finishing with the Blowout Bull which has strong weapons, and a rush charge. Stay away from the orange bombs he drops and try to keep moving in different directions so it is harder for the boss to rush you.

Chapter 9 - Blowout Bull - Final Boss
Chapter 9 - Blowout Bull - Final Boss

If you are having trouble, make sure you have all of the best equipment by checking through our Equipment Database to find out which pieces of equipment have the buffs you need. Also check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on gaining the gold and EXP you need to power up your hero.

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