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The Lightchaser is by far the most OP weapon in all of, but it is notoriously difficult to get. We recently got our hands on one for free, and below we'll explain how we did it, and what are the options available for free to play players to get a Lightchaser in

Lightchaser Stats
Lightchaser Stats

How to get the Lightchaser

Here are the options that you have open to you to try to get the Lightchaser in for free.

S Grade Supply Chests

You most likely won't get a Lightchaser from opening single chests, but from time to time, does have the S Grade Supplies offer running in the shop, this means that if you open a certain number of these S Grade Supply Chests (currently 50) then you are guaranteed one piece of S Grade equipment.

Seeing as you have 6 equipment slots, it's still a slim chance that you will actually be given a Lightchaser even after opening 50 S Grade supply chests, but at least you will have one awesome piece of equipment, because S Grade or S Tier equipment is significantly better than the next rank down which is Excellent grade.

Special Events

Special events run from time to time. Sometimes the Lightchaser is a reward that is available if you complete enough missions.

For example, then Autumn Leaves event has the Lightchaser available for 1300 leaves. This is certainly attainable for free within the time limit, it just takes a lot of grinding. It will be hard to achieve if you are just starting out in the game,but if you have been playing regularly for at least a few weeks and leveling up then you could be in with a chance.

Getting the Lightchaser in the Autumn Leaves Event
Getting the Lightchaser in the Autumn Leaves Event

Some of the tasks such as Login, Collect Patrol Rewards and Play Main Missions are easy, anyone at any level can do these and you'll still pick up loads of leaves, but the harder one is defeating the number of monsters necessary to get more leaves.

For this, if you can select a level that you can defeat easily, and that you know spawns a load of monsters, such as Chapter 4 - Financial Center , then just replay it lots of times. We usually got around 50,000 monster kills per play.

Using the Lightchaser

Lightchaser Gameplay

If you manage to unlock the Lightchaser then make sure you equip it and level it up, it is by far the strongest weapon in the game. It's like the Baseball Bat in exteme mode. Now I have the Lightchaser I'm certainly not going back to any of the other weapons.

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