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King is the Season 5 battle pass survivor that is available from April 14, 2023.

While we've been able to see King for a little while now by clicking our player avatar from the main game screen, it has now been announced by the Twitter account some details about King and how to get the character.



How to Get King in

King is available as a battle pass Survivor in Season 5. But there may be a couple of other ways that you can get King without getting the battle pass, although it may take some time!

The first way is to play Ender's Echo. If you rank high enough at the end of the season you may get rewards that include random character shards. These may include King shards either now or in the future.

If you are going down the shard route though bear in mind that you will need 80 shards to unlock King.

You can also get shards from Ender's Echo just by playing enough battles and unlocking the chests, some of these may also have random shards in them too.

King's Skills

Here is a rundown of King's Skills.

1-Star Survivor Instinct: +8% Crit Rate for each level

3-Star Sixth Sense: Survivor Instinct evolves into Sixth Sense and adds Crit Rate, Crit Damage and HP.

6-Star Lucky Kill: (Passive) If a Critical hit fails to hit, it will be re-calculated. Adds attack.

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