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Chapter 1 - Wild Streets is the first level in the game, you'll probably need a few play throughs to complete this level as you'll need to collect equipment which will make you stronger permanently in the game.

We take a detailed at how to complete this initial level and what skills you should be picking up to help you defeat the monster mobs and bosses.

As a beginning, playing in the first chapter of this roguelike game, you should have equipped in your weapons slot the kunai, if you have it! So from the main game screen, tap the gun icon, this will take you to your current equipment. Anything that you have should be equipped, the top left slot is for a weapon, and the best one for beginners is the kunai. It will target the bosses easily and can be upgraded to the powerful shuriken which shoots in all directions if you also pick up the ninja scroll while playing the game.

Apart from the kunai, make sure that you have equipped other items into any available slots. You can grind a bit to get more equipment, and level it up if you are having trouble with the first level.

As well as upgrading equipment, check the evolve tab from the main game screen, this is the green bottle icon. Here you can also boost your character to make him stronger throughout the game. Don't forget to check out the shop to pick up any freee gems and coins to help you do this. ALos open up any free chests that you have available and check the main game screen for anything that you haven't collected it. It will all help to get you through the first level.

Once you start the first chapter you'll need to get as many of the green dots as you can, this will enable you to reach collection milestones in the game which will give you the chance to add skills to your hero. These are generally split between weapon skills and supply skills. Ideally you need to pick up the weapon skills first, but be careful with your choices as once you have filled all the slots, you can't add any new ones. Get an idea of which skills we thing are the best in our Best Weapons Tier List.

The essential items we like to run with in chapter 1 are as follows:

1. Kunai - equipped in the weapon slot before you start the game

2. Forcefield Device - anything that gets too close will be taken out, and will also help deplete the energy of stronger monsters too

3. Guardian - These spinning balls help a lot as their circle as you move around - or while staying still!

4. Brick - Very strong, especially when taken to evolution level (more on that further down)

5. Type A Drone and Type B Drone - If you go with the drones, you'll need to make sure that you get both! Only with both can you get them to evolution level.

Other great weapons include the rocket and whistling arrows.

But whatever weapon skills you manage to pick up. You must try to get the corresponding supply skill which will allow your weapons to reach evolution level. In most cases, these are identified by the weapon skill icons that appear underneath supply skills. So for example if you have the Brick, you'll need to also pick up the Fitness Guide, this will allow you to evolve the brick to the dumbell which is incredibly strong.

The exception to this are the drones, get both of them, unlock the ability to get them to evolution level.

For the Kunai, you'll need to get the Ninja scroll supply skill, this will allow you to evolve it to the powerful shuriken.

You won't always get the weapon and supply skills that you really want, but if the one you are looking for comes up, make sure to grab it as it may not appear again.

Have a read through of our Evolution Skills page which will tell you how you can upgrade your chosen skills to an evolution level to make them even stronger. Basically you'll need to five star the skill, and have at least one star of a particular other item - it's all explained on the page.

Then check out our Survival Strategy page for some tips on running around the map.

With all that done, you should be good to go and complete Chapter 1. Below is a video playthrough of Chapter 1 so you can see how it's done.

Chapter 1 Completed

We'll take a look below at the bosses of chapter 1 and how to defeat them.

Chapter 1 - Boss Battles

There are three bosses to take care of in chapter 1. As long as you have the right weapons, you'll be able to take them out quite easily. Probably the most difficult boss is boss 1, because you may not have leveled up your skills sufficiently by the time you reach him.

In any case the advice for defeating each boss is to keep moving around, don't stay still. Usually if you get closer to the boss you'll do more damage quickly and beat him earlier.

Boss 1 - Boucebloom

Boss 1 - Boucebloom
Boss 1 - Boucebloom

This flower boss will throw out three shots at set intervals, these spread out and bounce around. They are easier to avoid if you are further away from the boss, however you'll kill the boss quicker if you can get closer and get a lot of shots in, so time your attacks according to the spacing of the shots being fired at you.

Boss 2 - Devourer

Boss 2 - Devourer
Boss 2 - Devourer

This boss seems pretty harmless, that is until it dashes after you really quickly, don't let it lock onto your location and hit you because on hit from Devourer will probably take you out, so keep moving, and this boss is easily defeated.

Boss 3 - Steel Ghasher

Boss 3 - Steel Ghasher
Boss 3 - Steel Ghasher

To be honest when I hit this boss it didn't last more than a few seconds as by that time I already had all of my skills maxed, at this point you'll most likely breeze through this final boss battle. Check out our Best Weapons Tier List for details on the skills we use on our journey through the levels.

After completing the final boss, chapter 1 is complete and you'll unlock Chapter 2 - City Park, Patrol - AFK Rewards, Carnival and grab a ton of chapter completion rewards.

If you are struggling, check out our Grinding Guide for some tips to get more gold and EXP, and our Equipment Database to get the deets on all of the equipment in the game. Also take a look at our Equipment Guide for info on merging, what's the best weapon equipment and why and loads more.

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