Chapter 11 - Armory Warning Guide

Chapter 11 - Armory Warning

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Chapter 11 goes back to being an endless scroll in all directions. So there is plenty of scope for running around and avoiding the mobs! But be careful and remember where the magnets and food drops are if you see any.

I had a lot of trouble with this chapter, not so much the mobs, because I use the baseball bat, but with the boss battles - again because I use the baseball bat! The Kunai is much better again bosses, but I really needed to power of the baseball bat to kill the mobs.
Gameplay from Chapter 11 from an earlier attempt without Guardian
Gameplay from Chapter 11 from an earlier attempt without Guardian

Here is a rundown of my skill choices, the priority was to get to the final boss, and this skill set up is aimed at that, along with one strong weapon that could target the boss easily:

Forcefield Device
Lightning Emitter
Laser Launcher
Baseball Bat

Then I tried to get the supply skills which relate to the weapon skills in order to get the weapons evolved. Plus the Hi Power Bullet for some greater strength.

Fitness Guide (Brick and Baseball Bat)
Energy Cube (Lightning Emitter and Laser Launcher)
Energy Drink (Forcefield Device)
Exo-Bracer (Guardian)
Hi Power Bullet

I actually ended up with one free supply skill slot empty! I don't normally go with the guardians but I did find the extra close quarter defense very useful and they also help against the bullets from some of the monsters.

Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Boss 1 Manager
Very tough for a first boss, especially because at this point your skills are probably not well developed. Expect to lose a life here, but the good news is by the time you get to the second boss, he should actually be easier.

Keep moving and avoid the phones. These are thrown in batches of three, they bounce on a wall and then return to the boss, there is a second or two where you can run in and do some quick damage before getting some distance before he throws the phones again. Careful though - it's a risky tactic!

Boss 2
This is the caterpillar boss, just keep moving, and changing direction as he starts his rushes. You don't want to get caught. He should be easier than the first boss if you have done a good job in getting some strong skills by the time you reach him.
Boss 2 Loadout - Easily dispatched this boss
Boss 2 Loadout - Easily dispatched this boss

Boss 3 Zombie Chief
He is the toughest boss in the game so far, tons of HP and very strong weapons, very easy to die quickly if caught by any of his weapons. The best tactic I have found is to keep moving in a circular direction around the perimeter of the boss zone. So you are always diagonally opposite the boss, when he moves, you move to the diagonally opposite corner.
Zombie Chief Boss
Zombie Chief Boss

Stay away, don't attempt to get close, except when passing by him as you move from corner to corner. The Lightning Emitter skill is essential in this level to help you kill this boss.

If you are having trouble passing levels check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on getting more coins, designs and XP in the game. Learn more about the equipment in the game with our Equipment Guide. Good equipment can make the difference in passing levels or not.

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