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Chapter 3 is the first of the closed area levels, basically the map is limited now on all sides so you can't easily just run in one direction forever to escape to zombie hoards! Your skill selection here needs to be more focused on weapons that will protect the immediate zone around you so you can effectively stay still in the center of the map for much of the chapter.

Recommended Skills

Our recommended skills for chapter 3 are much the same as our recommendations for Chapter 2 - City Park actually, with maybe a couple of changes.

Forcefield - Crushes zombies that get too close.

Guardian - These spinners will create a strong zone around you that becomes impenetrable.

Molotov - Another weapon this is great close range.

Lighting Emitter - Strong hits around the play area and against bosses.

Laser Launcher - Lasers that will damage a large area. At evolution level, it will really hit hard any zombies that get too close.

These are the weapon skills that we are recommending, and then make sure you grab the accompanying skills to take all of these to evolution level.

Energy Cube - As well as making you much stronger by reducing the intervals of weapon fire, it will enable you to take both lightning emitter and laser launcher to evolution level.

Exo Bracer - To get the evolution level for the guardian skill.

Energy Drink - As well as restoring your health in the game, allows you to get the forcefield to evolution level.

Oil Bond - Not incredibly interesting on it's own, but allows you to get the molotov skill to evolution level and it's incredibly powerful once it gets there.

Hi Power Bullet - You'll need maximum strength for this level so the hi power bullet option fits the bill perfectly

Weapon Skill - Also pick up the support sill related to your equipped weapon.

Don't forget to level up your equipment as soon as you can for a better chance of completing this and all levels.

Try to pick up at least the first level of all of the above items whenever you get the it offered. Remember you get only one refresh chance, so it may not be possible to get this exact loadout. Our preferred skills are at the top of the recommended list above, and make sure that any weapon skills you do get, you get the accompanying support skill, to make sure you can get the Evolution Skills associated with the weapon.

Full Weapons
Full Weapons

Maxed weapons from the recommended loadout look somethng like the above - not much, if anything is getting through! You can literally stay in the middle of the screen then slowly move from side to side to collect your exp.

Boss Battles

There are four bosses to take care of in this level:

Boss 1 - The Toxinator

Purple blob that moves around the screen leaving a poisonous trail. Try to keep away from the purple mist that this boss leaves behind because if you stay in it too long it will be deadly. For a safe kill, stay far away and keep moving. For a quicker but more risky kill, you cen get close, and if you have the recommended loadout from above, then your guardian and forcefield will do effective damage.

Boss 2 - Sapper Worm

This beastly boss will travel around the map dropping weapons that will explode and emit projectiles that could hit you and deal damage, look out for these and try to stay away, again. Stay away fro a safer kill that takes a little longer. Or if you are feeling brave, get close and let your defensive weapons quickly take out this boss.

Boss 3 - Rushgnasher

This is a particularly nasty boss and hopefully by the time you reach it you have a full loadout and can kill it quickly. It fires lasers from it's eyes and can also remove it's head and shoot it at you. If that catches you it can quickly be game over so watch out and try to kill this one quickly.

Boss 4 - Raging Bull

Raging Bull Boss
Raging Bull Boss

This is another angry boss that will rush at you very fast, keep moving and try to stay away and let your long range weapons take it out. If he gets too close to you at least your defensive weapons that fire closeby will deal a lot of damage too.

Get close to kill this bad boy in no time at all.

If you are struggling, check out our Grinding Guide for some tips to get more gold and EXP, and our Equipment Database to get the deets on all of the equipment in the game. Also take a look at our Equipment Guide for info on merging, what's the best weapon equipment and why and loads more.

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