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Equipment is an important part of making a strong character in, the equipment you get is with you for each level and does not reset, unlike your skills.

You have 6 equipment slots (see Equipment Database for all equipment in detail) which you can allocate items into to become more powerful. But we're not done there, equipment can be upgrade, you'll need gold and more equipment to do this, and also equipment can be merged into something stronger too.


Equipment is actually one of the most critical things in the game to develop, but it's a hard grind to get good equipment. As well as getting equipment from chapter rewards and druing gameplay, you can also purchase chests with gems to get some equipment too.

Equipment Chests in the Shop
Equipment Chests in the Shop

Weapons Slot

Probably the most important equipment slot is the weapons slot. And there is a big different in which weapon you choose as to how you will perform in a level.

For example if you have trouble with the boss battles, then selecting the Kunai is my preferred option because it automatically targets the boss. Unlike some of the other weapons which will target in your direction of travel.

If you are playing some of the mini games, such as the daily event, Gold Mine, then a weapon such as the Katana may be a better selection as it's broad strokes will do more damage to a lot of zombies (whereas the Kunai targets only one).

Here is a rundown of some of the weapons and their grade skills:


Good Grade: ATK +10%

Better Grade: Kunai damage +30%

Excellent grade: Start off with level 2 Kunai

Epic grade: ATK +15%

Legendary grade: Kunai will split after hitting enemy


Good Grade: ATK +10%

Better Grade: Adds 1 blade wave

Excellent grade: Blade waves also release ki blasts

Epic grade: ATK +15%

Legendary grade: Blade wave heals for 3% HP when enemy is hit.


Good Grade: ATK +10%

Better Grade: Reload time -2s

Excellent grade: 1 bullet restored after enemy is killed

Epic grade: ATK +15%

Legendary grade: Minor explosion when enemy is hit


Good Grade: ATK +10%

Better Grade: 2x damage to enemies in front

Excellent grade: SHotgun range extended

Epic grade: ATK +15%

Legendary grade: Shotgun pierces all enemies

Baseball Bat

Good Grade: ATK +10%

Better Grade: Attacks inflict bleed

Excellent grade: Knockback distance doubled

Epic grade: ATK +15%

Legendary grade: Swing range becomes circular

Merging Equipment

Ideally you'll want to get stronger base level equipment, you can do this with the merge feature to get them to a higher quality level. The quality levels are:

Common - Grey

Good - Green

Better - Blue

Excellent - Purple

S-Grade Excellent - Purple

Merging Equipment
Merging Equipment

Basically you need to tap the equipment tab at the bottom of the screen, then click the merge button you can then see if you have any items available to merge.

If nothing is available to merge you can still tab one of the pieces of equipment to see what you need to merge it and what it will merge into.

Getting your equipment to a higher quality level is always recommended you'll need to get your quality level of all equipment to S Grade Excellent eventually to help you through the game.

Upgrading Equipment

To upgrade equipment you need designs from that category, and gold coins. It's never a waste to upgrade your equipment, as you can always salvage your equipment to refund 100% materials and gold used. To salvage tap your equipment and click the red icon in the top right.

Upgrading equipment makes you stronger and start with more HP. Don't forget to upgrade your current set of equipment and be on the lookout for any new pieces of equipment that you can merge or equip to make you stronger.

All Equipment

Get the stats and details of all of the equipment in with our Equipment Database. Have a read through and work out which equipment is best for you.

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