Chapter 4 - Financial Center Guide

Chapter 4 - Financial Center

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Chapter 4 is the first of the up down scrolling levels, so you can really only move infinitely up or down, the screen will not scroll left and right.

So now you do have some scope to run fro the zombies, but we think that staying in the middle of the screen and moving too much serves you very well too! It really depends on what weapons you have, your level of equipment and other upgrades are and where you are in the level.

Our skill recommendations for this chapter are pretty much the same as the ones selected for Chapter 3 - Basement Parking, check out that page for the list.

Basically we want to create a strong barrier around us during the game, and not rely on moving around too much.

However don't forget to move sometimes to look for the magnets in chest to grab all of the EXP that you've ignored!

Boss Battles

Boss 1 Corpsehound
This fast moving hound has lasers coming out of it's eyes, don't let it trap you in a corner as you might not be able to escape, keep moving in circles around it if you can. Watch out when it rushes towards you.

Boss 2 - Gigastinger
This pin bird is not too strong and just first bullets at you while moving around the screen, two tactics stay far away and your weapons take it out, or get close and your defensive weapons should see it off in no time.

Boss 3 - Sapper Worm
This boss has appeared earlier int he game, and he no more menacing than before. Stay away from its weapons and you should be fine.

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