Chapter 5 - City Bridge Guide

Chapter 5 - City Bridge

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Chapter 5 is a significant step up in difficulty, and you'll probably have to grind a lot before you can complete this level. Check out our Grinding Guide for some helpful tips on how to get stronger in the game to take on this challenging level, and the ones that come after it.

Skill Recommendations

While much will depend on your equipment level and how many evolution's you have unlocked, selecting the best skills for this level could mean the difference between completing the level or having to start over.

These are the skills that we used to complete Chapter 5, our equipment was about level 17 and were all better grade except for one excellent. We used the Kunai in the weapon slot.

Forcefield Device
Laser Launcher

We chose all of the support skills to take each of these items to evolution level (and the Kunai) so this would be:

Energy Cube
HE Fuel
Oil Bond
Kings Ninja Scroll
Exo Bracer
Energy Drink

So the above worked for use. It got a little hairy at times, as we just about made it. So if you are struggling, go back and grind some more.

Chapter 5 Tactics
Chapter 5 Tactics

At this point in the level we could just stay in the middle and let our skills kill everything, I'm not even bothering to collect the EXP yet until the boss arrives or the zombies start to get into my defense. When that happens I'll just grab the magnet which is at the left of the screen and get multiple level ups.

Boss Battles

There is nothing much different about the bosses in this level, a couple of new ones are introduced including The Manager and the Zombie Leader, but just keep moving around and your power should take care of the bosses pretty easily.
Zombie Leader Boss Battle
Zombie Leader Boss Battle

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