Chapter 2 - City Park Guide

Chapter 2 - City Park

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Chapter 2 - City Park is much like chapter 1, just a little harder. Again it is played on an infinite scroll map, so you can keep going in one direction for ever if you like! And while we would recommend the same loadout the one used in chapter 1, we would like to put forward an alternative which may be even stronger.

Recommended Skills

This is the recommended skill set for chapter 2

Forcefield - Crushes zombies that get too close.
Guardian - These spinners will create a strong zone around you that becomes impenetrable.
Molotov - Another weapon this is great close range.
Lighting Emitter - Strong hits around the play area and against bosses.
Laser Launcher - Lasers that will damage a large area

These are the weapon skills that we are recommending, and then make sure you grab the accompanying skills to take all of these to evolution level.

Energy Cube - As well as making you much stronger by reducing the intervals of weapon fire, it will enable you to take both lightning emitter and laser launcher to evolution level.

Exo Bracer - To get the evolution level for the guardian skill.

Energy Drink - As well as restoring your health in the game, allows you to get the forcefield to evolution level.

Oil Bond - Not incredibly interesting on it's own, but allows you to get the molotov skill to evolution level and it's incredibly powerful once it gets there.

Then pick up the skill related to your chosen equipped weapon and you should have one slot free for another support skill. Something like magnet may be useful, or the boots to make you move faster, or hi power bullet (recommended) for stronger shots.

Don't forget to level up your equipment as soon as you can for a better chance of completing this and all levels.

Boss Battles

The bosses are tough in the game, but generally the advice is to keep moving, this would apply actually to all bosses in the game, personally, I just move, keep changing direction. Sometimes it is hard to see what is going on with all of the explosions going on, but just keep dragging your character around and you should usually be ok!

If you are having trouble, Then utilise the Kunai in your weapons slot, this is very good at targeting the bosses.

If you are struggling, check out our Grinding Guide for some tips to get more gold and EXP, and our Equipment Database to get the deets on all of the equipment in the game. Also take a look at our Equipment Guide for info on merging, what's the best weapon equipment and why and loads more.

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