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As we progress through the game, you really do notice the importance of having the correct skills that complement any weaknesses of your weapons. So for example if you are using a weapon skill which is great at mobs but less effective against bosses such as the baseball bat or light chaser, you need to pick weapon skills that will do a great deal of damage to the boss.

Likewise if you are using the Kunai, focus on weapon skills that will defeat mobs better.

With our recent upgrade to the Lightchaser the majority of this level was easy enough except for the final boss, Zombie Rider, who is incredibly strong. It just literally took a couple of hits for him to kill my character.

The only way I managed to pass this boss was by not losing any lives for all of the chapter until the final boss and then having some meat waiting for me in the area where the final boss spawned so I could quickly grab it after taking a bit of damage.

Here is the level playthrough:

Chapter 15 Playthrough and Boss Battles

The weapon skills we managed to get to complete chapter 15 were:

Lightchaser (Eternal Light)

Brick (1 ton iron)

Defense Shield (Force Barrier)

Drone A and B (Destroyer)

Rocket (Sharkmaw Gun)

Drill (Whistling Arrow)

So basically, apart from the defense shield, which I find really useful for stopping anyone getting too close, everything was focused on killing the boss. Here is a screenshot of the damage stats:

Weapon Skills Damage Stats
Weapon Skills Damage Stats

If you are wondering what sort of HP, attack and equipment we are using to complete Chapter 15, there our current screenshot of progress is below:

Chapter 15 Character Progress
Chapter 15 Character Progress

We just keep grinding every day even if I'm not planning to play, I still try to log in to collect patrols and do anything else that takes little time..

The biggest tip we can give for chapter 15 is to make it to the final boss with some spare lives and try to be close to meat when the boss spawns. Possibly if you are having trouble, opt for the shoes and soccer ball for increased movement speed. We also found that we wanted to get diagonally opposite the final boss as often as we could to try to avoid his bullets, trying to pass close by him when he wasn't firing to try to get some hits in.

If you are having trouble passing levels check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on getting more coins, designs and XP in the game. Learn more about the equipment in the game with our Equipment Guide. Good equipment can make the difference in passing levels or not.

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