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Ender's Echo is a long running event on Each season of the even last 28 days then a new season of Ender's Echo starts again with a different boss.

You only get 2 chances to challenge the boss daily, so if you want to rack up a lot of points in Ender's Echo then you'll need to log in as many days as you can during a season and use both of your challenge chances.

Ender's Echo
Ender's Echo

The idea of Ender's Echo is to score as much damage points to the boss which making through to the end of the level. It's basically just a boss battle and the boss changes every season.

Ender's echo is a great way to get some gear, and other good in-game resources.

Tip - If you have a powerful character and have gear which will give you an extra life if you die, then you can drop your first life just by standing next to the boss. You'll do a ton of damage especially if you have a strong weapon skill like the kunai or lightchaser which are both particularly strong against bosses.

Some gear like the Eternal Suit will give you increased attack and movement speed when you lose your first life, so actually dropping your first life quickly in Ender's Echo could be a good plan if you have something like the Eternal Suit which restores you to the game stronger.

Boss Battles
Boss Battles

How to Play Ender's Echo

The tactics you need for Ender's Echo will vary according to which boss you face. But in all cases to get the best score you'll need to do a ton of damage, so keep collecting the dots and selecting the best upgrades that will do the most damage.

If you can, focus on getting at least one weapon to evo level, you won't be able to evolve all of your weapons, so just focus on the ones that will do the most damage.

At the end of the level you can pick up some rewards, and if you play Ender's Echo enough you'll unlock the chests too which you get based on the number of times you play the event during a season.

Ender's Echo Rewards
Ender's Echo Rewards

Also there are ranking rewards at the end of the season. So check your ranking rewards on the Ender's Echo page to see what you may be in line for at the end of the season.

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