What is the best belt?

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What is the best belt?


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Guest Answered:

Non-S-Tier: I think the Army belt is better than Waist Sensor IMO. Army Belt has a Radiation Shield that can absorb a lethal hit (best for bosses). At Legendary, once the shield is triggered, you will have 5s Dominator State (+100% Damage and Movement Speed. All CD Reductions Maximized). I think it's helpful when escaping a massive horde of zombies or when zombies manage to break into your Defender. And I don't like fast movement speed because it can be dangerous when moving slightly. Anyways, we all have different gameplays.

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AppGamer Answered:

For all equipment, the S-Tier equipment will always be the best, but they can be hard to get hold of. They are usually unlocked via an event, or by trying your luck with the S Tier chests.

The Eternal Belt is the best belt in This belt will gives you some invincibility up to one time per minute when you take hits.

If you don't have this S-Tier belt, then we think that the next best belt is the Waist Sensor for it's increased movement speed and decreased damaged received. You get one or the other depending on your HP status and the grade of the belt.

All of the belts and other equipment are detailed in our Equipment Database

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Guest Answered:

Eternal belt

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