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The carnival is unlocked and launched as soon as you complete chapter 1. Basically it is a load of challenges which give you the opportunity to grab a ton of gems, and for the most worthy, the S Level Kattana.

However if you've got your sights set on this incredible weapon, be warned, it is incredibly hard to unlock in the 7 days you have available to complete this challenge, and from what we've read about, most likely you'll only stand a chance of getting it is if in start forking out some real cash for gem upgrades and the like in order to power up your account to complete some of the harder challenges.
Carnival Challenge
Carnival Challenge

Every day for 7 days a new set of challenges are unlocked for you to complete, as you get through each one you get rewards, and as you complete each milestone, you'll get some kind of chest reward.

If you manage to complete everything you'll get the S Level Kattana, which is an incredible weapon, but realistically, it is an incredibly hard thing to accomplish.

Look out for the timer to check when the next days events are unlocked for you.

If you can get to 700 points, which is very achievable for free to play players, you'll unlock the Excellent grade, Eternal Suit which will give you one revive with full HP during each game. You'll also get an attack and movement speed bonus of 15% after revival. Which makes this a formidable piece of equipment that you can easily get with a bit of effort in the Carnival event.
Eternal Suit
Eternal Suit

Personally, I'm not going for the 1500 points and trying to get the Lightchaser, this is not really achievable for me without spending money, maybe a few people could really grind to get it, but I not me. It is a very strong weapon however!

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