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Pets have now arrived in! You can find the pets menu by going to the equipment tab and then clicking on the Pets icon.

Pets Menu
Pets Menu

Here you can manage all of the functions for your pets.

How to get Pets in

You can get pets in by going to the equipment tab, then selecting the pets icon, this will take you to a screen where you can see all of your existing pets, and allocate the pet to help you in on the map.

Pets Main Screen
Pets Main Screen

It's also the location where you can open pet chests to get more pets, and get pet coins from the Pet Peddler to upgrade your pets.

You can also evolve your pets. Like with gear, the game will tell you if you can evolve a pet or not and the auto evolve system does work well. Evolving will make your pet stronger generally, so if you can evolve a pet you should do so.

Evolving Pets
Evolving Pets

You can choose one pet to deploy, this is the pet that will accompany you in battle, so usually this will be your strongest pet.

Pets Gameplay

How to Revive my Pet

If your pet dies while playing, you simply need to stand next to your pet for about 5 seconds to revive it. Just wait until the green circle pops up around the pet, then when it fills up your pet should be revived and ready to help you some more.

How to get more Pets

You get more pets by opening the chests on the main pet screen, these are either free by watching a video, or by using gems to open chests.

There are many pets to collect, and even if you have them all, you still need to keep collecting pets in order to evolve them.

How to Level Up Pets

Tap on the main on the pets screen, this is the Pet Peddler, he will sell you the pet coins that you need in order to level up your pets. Probably best to just level up the pets you intent to use as the pet coins will work out quite expensive if you level up too many.

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