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The new modular mine weapon skill is causing a bit of confusion with some players in Specifically, how to you upgrade it to evolution level. We will answer that question below as well as give you all of the details about the different levels of the modular mine and in what situations it is best used.

Modular Mine Levels

When you first get the modular mine, it is at level one. As you move around the map a mine will be spawned that explodes when an enemy gets too close to it.

When you upgrade it to level 2, the modular mine will spawn two mines. The next upgrade, level 3 will double the explosion damage. Level 4 increases the area of the explosion, and at level 5 you get all of the previous improvements, plus a third mine will spawn.

After you have taken the modular mine to level 5, you'll be able to evolve it and it will become even more powerful, here's how.

How to Evolve the Modular Mine

Unlike most of the other weapon skills in, the modular mine will go to evo level after it reaches level 5 and after either the lightning emitter or molotov reaches level 5. At that point you have the evolution upgrade options of either the Thunderbolt Bomb or the Inferno Bomb. Like all evo skills, both of these are also super powerful, they just do different things, we take a look at each one in more detail below.

The other great thing about taking the Modular Mine evo level is that in doing so, you will free up one weapon skill slot. And of course you have also benefitted from not having to get a support skill for the Modular Mine too.

Thunderbolt Bomb

Thunderbolt Bomb
Thunderbolt Bomb

You can get the thunderbolt bomb when you have the modular mine and the lightning emitter both at level 5. Then you may be given the option to acquire the Thunderbolt Bomb in a sebsequent upgrade. This will then take the modular mine to evolve into the Thunderbolt Bomb, and leave the lightning emitter as it is.

The Thunderbolt bomb does an incredible amount of damage, teamed with the Destroyer drones and you will be really hitting the enemies hard. However it probably is not as strong overall as the Inferno Bomb.

Inferno Bomb

Inferno Bomb
Inferno Bomb

You can get the inferno bomb when you have the modular mine and molotov both at level 5. Then you may be given the option to acquire the Inferno Bomb in a subsequent upgrade. This will then take the modular mine to evolve into the Inferno Bomb, and leave the molotov as it is. Probably the inferno bomb does more damage than the thunderbolt bomb overall, especially to hoards because it will leave fire on the ground and continue to inflict damage for a period of time. It may be the case though that the thunderbolt bomb is a little better against a single boss.

To summarise, we love both of these modular mine evolutions, and once you know how to evolve it, you'll be taking your gameplay to the next level

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