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Updated to include Modular Mine, Void Power and Lightchaser.

As you play through the game and collect the colored dots after defeating zombies you'll get to choose from a selection of three skills that you can add to your current ability or upgrade.

As you gain more skill levels, you'll need to collect an increasing amount of dots before you reach the next level and get another upgrade choice.

On this page, you'll find our best picks for the weapons and skills that you should be looking out for!

Here are the skills in the game, that we prefer to grab in order from our favorites to well the ones we'd pick up only if there is no other choice. It's important to grab the corresponding EVO skill for each weapon that you select to be able to get the skill to evolution level. More details on the Evolution Skills page.

NOTE: There are other weapons, but these are unlocked after you have gotten certain skills to evolution level we'll deal with these evolution skills on another page.

Weapons Slot Equipment

This is the weapon skill that you start with, equip a weapon in the weapons slot in your equipment to change your starting weapon.

Most players will only be able to unlock normal and not S Tier Weapons, so within our tier list guide we've highlighted our favorite 2 non-S-Tier weapons, as practically, these will be the ones used by the majority of players.

While S-Grade weapons are the strongest, they are hard to unlock.


This is our favorite weapon, and a the best all round choice in our opinion, unless you are lucky to have one of the premium weapons such as the Lightchaser. The Kunai shoots out a powerful blade weapon attacking one zombie at a time, so it's not so great when there are hundreds of zombies coming at you at once, but there are other weapons that can take case of those. This weapon really excess in hitting high hit point zombies such as the pigs or the bosses, and this is why it's out #1 choice of equipment weapon.

Baseball Bat

- An interesting choice if you are being overrun by mobs of zombies, it's really powerful if you can get it to Legendary grade where it's attack will become circular. But usually your other skills should be enough to fight back zombie mobs.

If you go with the baseball bat, get this one to evo level as soon as possible, it is fantastic at beating back the mobs. But not so great at the main bosses. In this case team it with lightning in your skills, and you-ll have super strong effects against the mob and the lightning will help a lot against bosses.

The baseball bat is favored by a lot of players because of it's strength against the mob, so if you are always dying before you get the bosses, give the baseball bat a try.


- A blade weapon that will kill closeby zombies

Uprade to increase it's power.



- Not too keen on this weapon as the damage is usually focused in the way you are facing. We prefer weapons that will hit in other directions that the way you are looking. It packs a strong punch, but shooting direction is an issue for us and why we don't use this one.


- Like the shotgun, we were not very impressed with the effectiveness of this weapon mostly due to it's direction of fire which means you have to be facing or going in the direction of the zombie to hit it. Usually with boss battles we are not running towards it, so it's quite limited in it's effectiveness.

Best S-Grade Weapons

S-Grade Weapons are very hard to unlock. You'll have to either spend a lot of cash, or grind through a couple of events. At AppGamer, we've unlocked the Lightchaser without spending a penny, so it is possible!


This is an awesome weapons, you can read all about acquiring it in our How to get the Lightchaser guide. It operates much like the baseball bat but is a ton stronger. If you get the chance to unlock or work towards unlocking it in events, we do recommend that you grind to try to get it. It may take a couple of events to get it, but it's well worth it.

Void Power

Added in update 1.6, the Void Power is the strongest weapon in the game. But is even harder to unlock that the Lightchaser. Then once you do unlock it, you'll need to get it more times in order to upgrade it as far as it will go.

So, while it is the strongest weapon in the game, it is not so easy to attain. Basically it creates a void, or black hole which will suck in monsters, damaging and slowing them.

But if you are not planning to spend a lot of cash, or grind, I'd set my sights on either the Baseball Bat, Kattana, or the Lightchaser (which is still a grind to get anyway!).

Weapons Skills

Forcefield Device

Generates a dissolving forcefield

- If any zombies get too close they will be dissolved by this forcefield - Upgrade it more to increase it's effectiveness.

Forcefield Device
Forcefield Device


Throws a brick

- Upgrade this skill more for more brick damage. This weapon skill becomes very powerful at evolution level where you will be throwing multiple powerful dumbbells at zombies in many directions. Look out for the Fitness Guide in the supplies skills to get this weapon to evolution level.


A bit like the soccer ball, but bigger! This fruit like object bounces around the screen destroying zombies - looks a bit rubbish, but is actually very powerful. Also it shares the same evolution pair as RPG, so you only need to get HE Fuel to be able to upgrade both Durian and RPG to evolution level.

Lightning Emitter

A lightning shower on 1 random target area

- This is pretty effective at hitting a group of zombies

Lightning and Molotov
Lightning and Molotov


Throw 2 molotovs

- Basically will create a fire explosion on the game map, as you upgrade this more, you can get more molotovs at the same time. Another skill that is useful at hitting a group of zombies.

- The Molotov will actively destroy poison area left by the butterflies! (thanks to reader for this tip)

Laser Launcher

Fires lasers that deal high damage

- Starts off not so impressively, but much like Molotov, will provide an incredibly strong circular defense around you when you reach the evolution level. Also, its evo pair is an energy cube, the same as Lightning Emitter, so you just need this one skill to be able to get the evolution of these two weapons.


Summons guardian tops that spin around you. Guardians can nullify bullets

- Can be quite useful in giving some ranged protection, they will disappear if they are hit too much, but they do come back quickly.

Modular Mine

The modular mine weapon skill drops a mine onto the game field over time, when an enemy gets too close it explodes. As you upgrade it it will get stronger, increase it's area of damage and drop more mines. The modular mine can be evolved to either the Thunderbolt Bomb or Lightning Bomb. This is all explained in our Modular Mine and How to Evolve It guide page.


Fires an explosive rocket

- Does damage to groups of zombies

Soccer Ball

Throws a ball that bounces.

Type-A Drone

Fires missles

- This is a great weapons it's fast and will hit a lot of zombies. Upgrade it to increase missiles.

Type-B Drone

Fires missles

- This is a great weapons it's fast and will hit a lot of zombies. Upgrade it to increase missiles.

Drill Shot

- Fires a drill shot

Basically a drill will fly around the screen bouncing off the edges of the screen and decimating zombies!


Fires a boomerang, becomes circular and will surround you at evolution level.

- Upgrade to get more and more powerful boomerangs.

Supplies Skills

Usually you want to get the skill which allows your selected weapon to get to evolution level. This should dictate your supplies skills choice during gameplay. Here is a rundown of our favorite supplies skills choices from best to worse.

Energy Drink

Restore 1-5% HP /5s

- Pretty handy to grab one of these as it will start to restore your energy over time, get this multiple times in a game to see an increased effect.

Energy Cube

All attack intervals are decreased

- Basically this will increase the firing rate of all of your weapons! Get in there! This is a great choice to positively affect all of your weapons skills.

Fitness Guide

Increases Max HP

- Good when used in conjunction with energy drink. Gives a nice HP boost whne you initially get the Fitness Guide and on all upgrades.

Hi Power Bullet

Attack +10% to 50%

- Upgrade this more to increase further the attack power of bullets.

Ninja Scroll

Increase the EXP you receive from collecting the colored dots on the screen. Allows the upgrade of the Kunai to Shuriken

Sports Shoes

- Increased movement speed

Upgrade this skill to move even faster.

Exo Bracer

- Over-time effect duration increases.

HE Fuel

All ammo and weapon range increased

- Upgrade this one more to get even more range. This is great to make sure that zombies stay well away!

- Also makes the projectiles/weapon itself bigger! The down side is that it also increase the reach/targeting radius of the drones, which in corridors maps like the bridge will make your left and right missiles go out of bound and they won't hit any zombies. (thanks to reader for this tip)

Ronin Oyoroi

Decreased damage received

- This will give you some added protection on the map.

Hi Power Magnet

- Increases loot range

Upgrade this skill to increase the range that you can grab the green and blue dots from.

Ammo Thruster

Bullet flight speed increased

- Hit the zombies faster with this increased bullet speed skill. Very useful when you have a hoard of zombies bearing down on you!

Oil Bond

Will increase your gold collection during the map

Recommended Skills List

It's really important to pick up a diverse range of skills, not just weapons, and not HP and defense. Here is our recommendation for a decent skill lineup:

Forcefield Device - Essential to keep the zombies away.

Brick - Very strong weapon skill, especially when it becomes the dumbbell.

Molotov - Another great damage dealer across a ton of zombies at the same time.

These are the best three weapons in the game I think, then then final slots are depend upon what you want. Sometimes you'll need quick movement, so get the football, otherwise more damage, sot he rocket and lightning would be better.

Lightning - Will deal a lot of damage to bosses as well as taking out a load of zombies

Durian - Starts off powerful, and get's even better with the upgrades, and evolution level, it turns into Caltrops and the damage dealt is significantly higher across a broader range of zombies.

Laser Launcher - Will create a powerful weapon around you when it reaches evo level. Also shares the same evo skill pairing as Lightning, the Energy Cube, so you just need this to be able to get both lightning and lasers to evo level.

These are our skill recommendations in terms of weapons, then it's important that you select the corresponding evolution skill, check the Evolution Skills page for details of this and how it works.

A note on the Drones: Drones are a great skill weapon choice too. But you have to get both of the drones for them to work well. You can only take the drones to evolution level when you have both maxed. You don't need a supplies skill. So effectively you are free to choose your favorite supply skill if you grab these two drones.

Evolution Skills

There are another set of skills which you can unlock after you have reached level 5 on certain skills. Check out our evolution skills page for full details. These are the most powerful skills in the game, you won't be able to unlock them all during a single play through, so selecting the right ones are important.

Now you know the best picks for skills in the game, check out our Survival Strategy page for some tips on how to last long in

Practical Advice

You only have a certain amount of slots for skills, so make sure that when you are selecting weapons that they are the ones you want to take to evolution level, and also pick the other skill that you need to combine it with to get the evolution skill. Read up on this in our Evolution Skills guide.

Now you know the best weapon skills in the game, check out our Equipment Guide and our Equipment Database for full details on all of the equipment in the game, how to merge equipment and how to upgrade it.

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