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Tips to survive and thrive in this popular roguelike action game

From the developers of Archero comes Survivor!.io, a fast paced roguelike survival game that will test your button bashing skills to the limit. Read on for our best Survivor!.io cheats and tips. Also check out our Survivor!.io codes for a chance of some free in-game goodies. Cheats and Tips is a fantastic game, and one, that you can enjoy and get loads of fun from without spending a penny! Below we have our best cheats and tips for the game. For more in-depth help, check out our Guide where you can find pages like Best Weapons Tier List, a Grinding Guide and individual guides to a lot of the levels in the game.

Pick Your Loadout

WHen you start playing you have a number of weapons and support slots to fill. It's important to choose your loadout well with the correct support skills for the weapons that you choose in order to get those weapon skills to the Evolution level.

Basically the support skills will have a weapon icon underneath it, make sure you get the support skills that match the weapon skills that you have selected.

Upgrade Your Skills

In order to survive you'll need to constantly upgrade, to do this you'll need to grab green gems/spots and earn coins in order for you to get the upgrades that you'll need to survive. As you unlock the upgrades, you'll need more and more green dots and coins to get the next upgrade.

Look out also for the loot boxes and other items that you can run into in-game, these can give you a stash of coins, gems or even upgrades.

Plan Your Route

With the large maps in Survivor!.io, you should try to plan your route in order to stay away from the horde of zombies chasing you or find the best route to kill them. Last thing you want to do is get trapped in a corner with no escape in this game.

Watch Some Ads

Ads are a great way for you to get extra in-game upgrades and weapons for free, it's a bit of a hassle, but can be a quick way to level up your weapons.

Fill Your Slots

You'll notice that you have six equipment slots that you can use for different items. Try to fill these slots as soon as you can especially with items that have different strengths which can be used in different situations. Look out for buff items for you to get higher defense or faster speed, these are particularly useful too.

Get the force field

One of the strongest weapons in the game is the force field, it's a great emergency tool which will wipe out zombies that run into you, especially useful when you are blocked in a corner, or just have too many zombies chasing you.

It is probably an essential skills to get for some levels especially if you don't have a strong weapon equipped.

Get the Drones

Get the two types of drones. These are the only weapon skills that don't need a matching support skill to take them to evo level. But you do need to get both! Once they are both maxed, you can then make the final upgrade to their evolution level. This also frees up two support skill slots so that is also a big benefit.

We hope these tips are useful, check out our Guide for more in-depth help, or drop us a question .

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