What is the best necklace?

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What is the best necklace?


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AppGamer Answered:

The Eternal Necklace is the best necklace in This necklace will significantly add to your attack score dealing more damage to higher powered monsters specifically.

If you don't have this S-Tier necklace, then we think that the next best necklace is Bone Pendant for it's slowing effect on monsters which are in range. This is an ability to not underestimate as it will allow you a lot more time to kill any monsters before they get to you. The Trendy Charm is also really good for it's decreased cooldown on skills.

For all equipment, the S-Tier equipment will always be the best, but they can be hard to get hold of. They are usually unlocked via an event, or by trying your luck with the S Tier chests.

All of the necklaces and other equipment are detailed in our Equipment Database

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