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To celebrate Lunar New Year 2023, there is special Spin to Win Spring event which is located in the events calendar on the main game stage. It only lasts for 10 days in total from 19th January 2023 until the 29th, so you only have a limited time to collect everything that you want in this special event.

Spring Stage - Look for it in Daily Events
Spring Stage - Look for it in Daily Events

Enter the event to see the various missions that will earn you Spring Lucky Symbols which you use to spin for free rewards.

Spin the Wheel Rewards
Spin the Wheel Rewards

Most of the things on the list are just completed by playing the game as you would normally, but there is also the new Spring Stage where you have to defeat the beastly Nian, to do this, tap the Daily Events icon from the main game screen, then select Spring Stage.

In this stage if you can defeat Nian 4 times in one run then you can claim victory and a decent basket of rewards will be yours!

Defeat Nian and Collect Rewards
Defeat Nian and Collect Rewards

To defeat Nian you'll have to collect the green dots as normal, this will give you plenty of chances to level up your firecrackers, which is the only weapon on this level. You can also get sneakers and the defensive jacket too. (Sneakers for increased movement speed is better!).

Nian will drop prizes every so often, to claim them run over them.

What sort of rewards can I expect?

Here is what we got for completing the level once


I thought that was pretty good for 5 minutes or so of game time, the red packets give up to 88 gems each. The gear was great as were the amount of coins.

Look out for this event and take advantage while it is still running.

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