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Worm was the unlockable character for players that purchased the season 3 battle pass. Seeing as season 3 has been and gone already, getting Worm now is still possible but it'll either cost your quite a bit of cash or a lot of grinding - or both! We take a look at Worm, why he is a great character to try to unlock in and what you need to do to get Worm now season 3 is over and the chance to unlock him with that battle pass is gone.

How to Get Worm in

'A clandestine merchant of information. Always masked and uses a voice changer. So mysterious to the point that even the EDF’s files have nothing on him. Worm moves between large organizations, peddling information for a living. It’s said that for the right price, he can obtain even the moon base’s top secret files.'

Undoubtably the best way to get Worm, or any special character is to purchase the season battle pass, you get the character, plus all of the other bonuses connected to having the battle pass for a season. But if you didn't want to get the battle pass, or jusy missed it and really want to unlock Worm, here's how you can still do it.

Basically you either need 80 Worm Shards or purchase the character outright, which is about $24.99 - depending on the currency that you are using and where in the world you are located. So if the outright purchase is out of the question, because let's face it, it is a lot of money for a character in, let's take a look at the best way to get 80 Worm shards and unlock that character. It won't be easy, but it is possible!

How to Get Worm in
How to Get Worm in

How to Get Worm Shards

There are four main ways to get Worm shards, read on for the full details.

1. Special Ops Coins

Play the Special Ops daily event to get these coins. You stand a chance of not only getting shards, but also gems, gold, tech and energy too. So even if you are not looking for Worm shards, this is still a great event to play daily. You can find the Special Ops mode by tapping on Daily Events from the main game screen. Basically you need to get 300 Special Ops coins in order to exchange them for a random shard. Not even a Worm one! So the chances of you unlocking Worm just by playing Special Ops is a bit remote! But you can try, and you do get other great things anyway.

2. Play Ender's Echo

Playing Ender's Echo will give you special chests, sometimes you will find shards in them, so there is a chance that you'll pull Worm shards from these Ender's Echo chests. You can get the chests by playing Enders Echo, when you have played it eough times, you'll get a chest to open. Check the Enders Echo page for full details. Again this is a hard way to get a new character, but it's a good way to get shards.

Apart from getting shards through chests, you also get a shard if you finish high enough at the end of a season. So don't forget to check your ranking to make sure that you'll be eligible to get a random shard at the end of each season.

3. Events

From time to time there will be other events that you can bag random shards. Events happen all the time, and there are always new ones appearing, so keep your eyes peeled for events that give random shards as rewards.

Worm's Skills and Upgrades

Worms three skills are as follows:

Listening Bug

At 1 star Worm has the Listening Bug skill which will exploit enemy weaknesses and do more damage to them.

Cash Trade

This 3 star passive skill and with it you it you will get a lot less damage from collisions. And it also increases the damage dealt by your own projctiles.

Sting Op

This powerful skill is unlocked at skill level 6. It basically upgrades the Listening Bug to Sting Op with the potential to push enemies back.

Here are the level bonues for Worm, these are unlocked at various levels as you level up Worm.

Level 20 – Survivor HP +1000

Level 40 – All survivors HP +5%

Level 60 – Survivor ATK +600

Level 80 – All Survivors Revival Effect +5%

Level 100 – Survivor Attack +1000

These are the stat bonuses that are unlocked as you raise the star level of Worm.

1 Star Upgrade – Default Upgrade, activates Listening Bug skill

2 Star Upgrade – Unlocks 'Survivor License' - Survivor Attack +100, Survivor HP +500

3 Star Upgrade – Unlocks 'Cash Trade' skill

4 Star Upgrade – Unlocks 'Advanced Survivor License' - Survivor Attack +500, Survivor HP +2500

5 Star Upgrade – All Survivors Attack +4%

6 Star Upgrade – Unlocks 'Sting Op' & Survivor Attack +20%

Listening Bug Evolution

There is no evolution for Listening Bug. During gameplay you can upgrade it to level 5, but it is not a skill that can be evolved. It's probably super strong at level 5 anyway!

Don't forget to check out our Grinding Guide for some great ways to get in-game rewards and level up your heroes. Stuck on anything? Drop us a question.

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