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Review by Doofy420Oct 22nd 2023

Finding out that item n gold drops are 7/10, but you can revive your KO'd pet just by standing near or over it. Fun game, can be maddening cuz you MUST find the right combo of Weapons, Equipment, Pet(s), Skills, n Evos to win. I can usually figure out the strongest mix bt trial n error. Toughest areas are still Mega Challenges, Zone Operations, and Ender's Echo. AWESOME strategy n time killer!.

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Review by GuestMay 31st 2023

It’s one of my favorite games !!!!!!!

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Review by GuestMay 8th 2023

Awesome but it gets a little grindy towards the end. However events that reward you with excellent gear really gets you hyped and going.

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Review by TheLil808Mar 29th 2023

Great grinder game with fun mechanics and minimal ads. Ads are used to supplement your experience as opposed to being forced down your throat every time you play for 10 seconds.

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Review by GuestJan 13th 2023

I think I would recommend getting 300 gems for the s grade crates (also you’ll need to be quick! It’s gonna expire.)

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Review by GuestSep 28th 2022

Very fun game overall, though sometimes a decent strategy once you're far enough in the dungeon is just to sit there and do nothing while the monsters come to kill themselves on your AOE weapons

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Review by GuestSep 26th 2022

It is a great (15 mins) time passer, but a grinder in terms of gear. I recommend 100%.

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