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The Daily Tasks list can be found by clicking the notepad and pencil icon which is situated in the top right of the main game screen. At the bottom of the Dailies screen you also see links to Weekly Tasks and Achivements which you can check out to win even more goodies in the game.

Daily Tasks

To get all of the daily task chests you just need to get 100 points from the tasks in the following list.

10 points: Login

10 points: Play a main chapter stage

10 points: But 1 item in the shop

10 points: Enhance (upgrade) 1 piece of equipment

10 points: Play daily stage

10 points: Purchase or watch ads to obtain energy

20 points: Open 1 chest in the shop

20 points: Claim patrol earnings 3 times

20 points: Claim quick patrol 2 times.

20 points: Make any purchase (with real money)

So you should easily be able to get 100 points from that list above without spending any real money, this will get you all of the daily chest which will leave you with a nice gold coin boost and some other goodies including a blue EDF chest key.

Check out the Weekly Tasks and Achievements to see what you need to do to bag some more loot in the game.

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