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Chapter 12 is a really tough level, and if you don't have the firepower to get through the mobs and the final boss, The Chairman, it could be back to some more grinding for you!

We completed this level using the baseball bat, this was great at pushing back the mobs, but this weapon does not work so well on most of the strong bosses, so we teamed it up with some hard hitting weapon skills like the Rocket, Lightning Emitter and Drones.

The drones are especially useful as when you take them to Evo level, you free up a space for another weapon skill.

If you don't have a baseball bat, and prefer to use the kunai, make sire you go for weapon skills that can counter the mobs more, as the kunai will be great against the bosses.

Here is a rundown of my skill choices, the priority was to get to the final boss, and this skill set up is aimed at that, along with one strong weapon that could target the boss easily:

Baseball Bat

Forcefield Device

Lightning Emitter

Rocket Launcher

Drone A

Drone B

After the drones got to evo level, a new slot in the weapons skills was freed up, from what was on offer, I took the Molotov, but probably would have preferred the Brick or Durian.

Even the minor bosses at the end of the level are tough to defeat - keep running to avoid them
Even the minor bosses at the end of the level are tough to defeat - keep running to avoid them

Make sure you pick up the supply skills that match the above weapon skills in order to get them to evolution level. If you are at chapter 12, then you probably already know what these are.

Then I tried to get the supply skills which relate to the weapon skills in order to get the weapons evolved. Plus the Hi Power Bullet for some greater strength.

Fitness Guide (Brick and Baseball Bat)

Energy Cube (Lightning Emitter and Laser Launcher)

Energy Drink (Forcefield Device)

He Fuel (Rocket and Durian)

Hi Power Bullet is always a good one to grab.

Check out this video from our friends at which shows you our run through of this level.

Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Boss 3 Chairman

This is the toughest boss we've encountered so far in We did attempt this level with a different setup and got nowhere. If you are going to go with the baseball bat as your equipped weapon, then you really need the tough distance hitters like the rocket and lightning emitter which will take some chunks out of the bosses.

If you just go with weapon skills that attack close to you or defend you, then most likely you won't have the firepower to defeat this boss before he finally gets you!

If you are having trouble passing levels check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on getting more coins, designs and XP in the game. Learn more about the equipment in the game with our Equipment Guide. Good equipment can make the difference in passing levels or not.

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