Chapter 16 - Desert Border Guide

Chapter 16 - Desert Border

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Here is our playthrough of this Chapter 16: Desert Border

Chapter 16 Playthrough and Boss Battles

We got through this level with the following weapons:
Drone A and Drone B
Lightning Emitter
Forcefield device

Of all of the weapon skills, the brick (1 ton iron) did the most damage, with 37%. Lightchaser did 28% and the drones 24%. All weapons we managed to evolve so bear that in mind when selecting your support skills.

The final boss in Chapter 16 is the Raging Bull, and to be honest, if you got through all of the bosses from Chapter 15, I think this boss is actually a lot easier.

Stay away, keep moving, and when there is a break in the firing from the boss, pass close-by and let your close quarter weapons get some damage in. If you're luck the drones will deal a fair bit of damage each pass as will the lightchaser.

If you are having trouble passing levels check out our Grinding Guide for some tips on getting more coins, designs and XP in the game. Learn more about the equipment in the game with our Equipment Guide. Good equipment can make the difference in passing levels or not.

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