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The Voidwaker Windreaker is a new item introduced into the game in January 2023 as part of the whole Void gear range.

The Voidwaker Windbreaker is a premium item and that means that you'll only be able to get it under special circumstances which could be completing a special event or openings special supply crates.

Voidwaker Windbreaker Supply Crate

At the time of writing, there is a Voidwaker Windbreaker supply crate which basically guarantees you a Voidwaker Windbreaker within opening 100 of these crates, you may be lucky and get it sooner - or maybe not!

Voidwaker Windbreaker Supply Crate
Voidwaker Windbreaker Supply Crate

So basically to get the Voidwaker Windbreaker via opening these special supply crates, it will take 26800 gems! That works out to being quite expensive you are actually buying the gems. Possibly you could save up enough gems to get the item for free, but the offer may be pulled before you have saved up enough gems.

Possibly this item could be obtainable at a later date via a special event much like the Eternal Suit has been available by getting enough points in certain events.

Voidwaker Windbreaker Stats

Being S Tier, the Voidwaker Windbreaker is a formidable piece of equipment. The Gain Beserk function will basically allow you to restore your HP when you are about to die. So it's like having an extra life. Watch as have no HP left then continue to take damage, you will absorb the enemy hits which will restore your hit points.

Here is a full rundown of the Voidwaker Windbreaker stats and abilities.

Voidwaker Windbreaker Stats
Voidwaker Windbreaker Stats

Voidwaker Windbreaker vs Eternal Suit

A similar item to the Voidwaker Windbreaker is the Eternal Suit many OG players have already unlocked this awesome piece of gear and utilise it in the game. The extra lives it can give make this one of the best pieces of gear, if not, then best piece of gear that is obtainable in

Where the Voidwaker Windbreaker has the Beserk ability to restore HP, the Eternal Suit gives extra lives, so it's more or less the same.

One big difference is that with the Eternal Suit you can get an extra 15% attack and movement speed, which in my opinion makes it better than the Voidwaker Winbreaker until you get to Legendary level.

At Legendary level the Voidwaker Windbreaker improves with the ability to absorb excess HP when Beserk is converted to an energy shield. This really then makes it the OG piece of gear in the game.

Conclusion - Is it worth it?

At the end of the day it depends on how badly you want it, but for me, if I can't get it for free, I'm not really interested and I certainly won't be spending in excess of $100 to try to get one piece of gear, especially as I have already obtained the Eternal Suit via events. Also, I have no plans to try to spend the time and money to get either of these bad boys to legendary level.

If you already have the Eternal Suit, then probably you don't need to spend time and gems trying to obtain this item, and you may be better off saving your gems for another piece of Void gear.

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