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Chapter 7 took a lot of grinding to get through after passing Chapter 6 - Suburbia. The Chapter 6 Trials were particularly hard and it took a couple of days to build up my character enough to finally get through chapter 7. I think the tipping point was lucky enough yo get my Kunai to excellent grade, this means it will start at level 2 and is significantly stronger than the previous grade.

Upgrading the Kunai
Upgrading the Kunai

Chapter 7 goes back to being a top down scroller, and while we had enough firepower to deal with the pigs, some of the other bug type zombies that swarmed were a little difficult in the middle of the round.

Here is a rundown of our loadout and some info on the boss battles.

Remember to complete all your Trials before attempting chapter 7, and maybe even grind through a few times Chapter 6 again to pick up more upgrade resources. You'll want your equipment to be at least level 20 by mow and be mostly excellent grade. If it's not, and you are struggling, then maybe you are hoarding your gems! If you have a lot of gems, then head to the shop and get some EDF chests, every 10 you open will get you a piece of excellent grade equipment.

Skill Recommendations

Here is the loadout we used to defeat Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 Skill Laodout
Chapter 7 Skill Laodout

As you can see from the screenshot we chose the following weapon skills

Kunai (Shuriken)

Forcefield Device (Pressure Forcefield)

Laser Launcher (Death Ray)

Molotov (Not evolved)

Durian (Caltrops)

Lightning Emitter (Thunderbolt Power Cell)

- The Brick would be a great option too if you get it available, with the Fitness Guide, evolve it to the Dumbbell for a powerful skill.

And we chose the following supply skills, we missed the Oil Bond to evolve the Molotov to Scorched Earth, but that happens sometimes!

Energy Cube - Decreases the cooldown of all weapons, and allows the evolution of laser launcher and lightning emitter

HE Fuel - Increases the range of all ammo, and allows the evolution of the Durian

Energy Drink - Will give you back some hitpoints over time and allows the evolution of the Forcefield

Kings Ninja Scroll - Increases the EXP you gain by collecting on the map and evolves Kunai to Shurkien

Fitness Guide - Increases your base HP, useful to grab when you are on low energy as you'll get an initial HP recovery too. It also allows the evolution of the brick to dumbbell - If you have it!

Hi-Power Bullet - Increases your overall attack. This is a nice option for a big power up.

Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Look out for those sweet blue EXP dots for loads of EXP, stay close to food and magnets and run over them before the boss comes, or if you run into trouble.

Boss Battles

Boss 2 - Raging Bull

Raging Bull
Raging Bull

Stay out of the way, but with the loadout above we had little trouble dispatching this boss.

Boss 3 Rusher Papillion

Rusher Papillion
Rusher Papillion

This boss is much stronger than the normal Papillion so don't stand still! Your Kunai and Lightning Emitter will be able to take out this boss from range in no time at all. Try to stay away from it.

Boss 3 Sapper Worm

Chapter 7 - Abandoned Farm

To be honest the bosses on this level were not so strong once we were powerful enough to complete the chapter. As usual, stay away from them and let the Kunai and other long range weapons do their job.

Chapter 7 Trials

After completing Chapter 7, you should go do the Trials before attempting Chapter 8 - Farmland. Here is our loadout for Chapter 7 Trials:

Chapter 7 Trials Loadout
Chapter 7 Trials Loadout

With this skill set and our equipment mostly excellent grade and above level 23, we got through the trials pretty easily and picked up some decent upgrades too.

Chapter 7 Trials Final Boss
Chapter 7 Trials Final Boss

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