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The aim of the game is survival! So with this in mind we've put together our top strategy tips to survive for longer in!

If you've not done so already, take a a look at our top picks for the skills weapons that you should be looking to pick up while playing through the game.

Keep Moving!

Sounds obvious, but it's really important to keep moving in this game, sure in the early minutes you may be able to stand still and with the right skills the zombies will just die, but sooner or later you'll have to get your running shoes on and plan your route around the map.

You can literally head in one direction, keep going up and away from the zombies, but at some point you'll have to circle back and pick up all of the colored dots in order to get the XP for more skill upgrades.

Another technique could be to just run in a circle, that way you'll just kill the zombies and have a route back to the dots.

Don't Move!

OK, so this is weird since we just said keep moving, but there are also times where you just should stand still. At this point set yourself up close to a magnet or food or bomb, and let your weapon skills kill everything while you are not moving, then once they start to break through grab the magnet, get the upgrades, and maybe you'll be strong enough to withstand the monsters again.

Survival Skills

In order to survive for longer don't forget to pick up some energy related skills, and also the movement speed skill is really useful too in order to help you escape.


One essential skill you'll need to pick up is the forcefield, because at some point no matter how fast you run you won't be able to escape the zombies, so having a strong forcefield is essential. Grab this skill and upgrade it whenever you are offered it.

Save the Magnets, Food and Bombs

If you see these items on the map, don't run in to them right away. For example, the best time to get the magnet is as the boss battle commences, that way you will get all of the EXP available on the map right before the boss battle.

Of course, if you are in trouble, go grab it, but if you can pretty much stand on the map and not move while your skills are killing all of the monsters, wait until you really need the magnet, bomb or food to maximise the use of these items.

Choose a Balanced Skill Set

Ideally you'll only want 1 defensive skill such as the Forcefield, the rest should be offensive, pick one or two that operate at close range (eg molotov and laser launcher) and a couple that shoot further away (eg brick and durian)

This way you have the really strong long range weapons breaking down the HP of the strong monsters, while you have enough defensive and close cover for any monsters that get too close.

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If you are having trouble, check out our Grinding Guide and our Patrol - AFK Rewards for details on how to grab some extra coins and EXP in order to upgrade your hero.

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