Chapter 6 - Suburbia Guide

Chapter 6 - Suburbia

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If you can get past Chapter 5 and hopefully unlocking the Eternal Suit via the Carnival, then you stand a good chance of slamming Chapter 6 relatively easily. At this point in the game you probably have decent equipment. You should have all blue and purple equipment to take on Chapter 6 and have them all at least level 17, preferably 20. Equipment really does make the difference so make sure you are merging and upgrading your equipment as best you can.

In terms of equipment, I would definitely be going into Chapter 6 with the Kunai (Unless you have the Lightchaser!), it is the best weapon to defeat the bosses in the main chapters, and if you can get it to evolve to Shuriken (Evolution Skills) it's super strong to multiple zombies and the boss.

Skill Recommendations

Chapter 6 goes back to being an infinite scroll map in all directions. This makes it really handy for running to escape from zombies. So with that being said, using the soccer ball and boots could be an option if you are having trouble.

Here is the loadout we used to defeat Chapter 6.

Forcefield Device
Laser Launcher
Lightning Emitter
- The Brick would be a great option too if you get it available, with the Fitness Guide, evolve it to the Dumbbell for a powerful skill.

Energy Cube
HE Fuel
Oil Bond - to evolve Molotov to
Kings Ninja Scroll - to evolve Kunai to Shurkien
Exo Bracer
Energy Drink

The pigs are the big problem on this level, their HP is very high, so you really need to focus on skills that will do a lot of damage to a lot of zombies at the same time. Which is why we really like the brick (dumbell), molotov (scorched Earth policy) and laser launcher (death ray), all of these will weaken the enemy zombies loads or take them out completely.
When you are strong enough you can just stand there and even the pigs will die - Pick your skills wisely for power and defense
When you are strong enough you can just stand there and even the pigs will die - Pick your skills wisely for power and defense

Once you have enough upgrades, you should be able to just stand in the middle of the screen and let the skills take everything out as they get closer.

Boss Battles

Boss 1 Spirit Bloom

At this point we have the Kunai, forcefield, molotov, lightning emitter and laser launcher, and the boss was dealt with literally in seconds, as will all bosses, if you can stay well clear of them you stand a better chance of survival, but if you get closer you'll likely do a lot more damage, just have a lot greater chance of losing health.

Boss 2 Rusher Papillion
Rusher Papillion
Rusher Papillion

This boss is much stronger than the normal Papillion so don't stand still! Your Kunai and Lightning Emitter will be able to take out this boss from range in no time at all. Try to stay away from it.

Boss 3 Mega Devourer
Mega Devourer
Mega Devourer

The Mega Devourer is a more difficult version of the standard Devourer from earlier levels. It has a very powerful charge, so don't get anywhere near when he is darting from one side of the screen to the other. Again, you can take this boss out from far away relying on your Kunai, Lightning Emitter and other long range skills.

If you want to get closer for big attacks, wait until he has finished zooming around the screen then go in for the kill for a few seconds before moving away again!

Chapter 6 Trials
Trials of Chapter 6 proved to be particularly difficult and it did take some grinding to get this section completed.
The main reason I was able to complete the Chapter 6 Trials was by getting Kunai to Excellent grade. This increased it's strength greatly and also starts the level with the Kunai at level 2.
Merge Kunai for extra strength
Merge Kunai for extra strength

So, if you are having trouble with Chapter 6 Trials, you just need to grind really. The skills I used, were much the same as in previous chapters:

Laser Launcher
Brick or Lightning Emitter

Then you should grab the skills related to the evolutions of the weapon skills that you have acquired. You can check these out in our Evolution Skills guide.
Waiting near the drops
Waiting near the drops

One technique you can try is when you are powerful enough to just stay in the center, and there are magnets and food closeby, wait there, until the zombies become too powerful and start to get through before running over to the magnetic and collecting everything. Ideally you should grab the magnet just before the next boss which occurs every 5 minutes.

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