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What are the different roles?

What are the different roles?
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What are roles in Marvel Super War? There are over 40 characters to choose from and each of them have a given role. You play in teams composed of 5 members, having a balanced team with different roles are needed in order to have a successful match.

Marvel Super War Roles
Marvel Super War Roles

Here are the different roles in the game, as well as their primary functions:

These are mainly front-line characters who are known for their melee combat. They are able to take damage and deal them as well in close range. Due to their power and capability of defending themselves, they can go on a solo side lane and take on an enemy on their own.
Their role is to provide energy damage within their range as they have different capabilities that can deal damage to multiple enemies. Their skills can provide burst damage, area of effect damage, and even crowd control capabilities. Take note that they have considerable cool down for their skills.
They deal ranged physical damage, similarly to energy. They have better accuracy and are good at dealing damage over time. Their advantage over energy is that they can deal continuous damage in a consistent manner, thanks to them being able to land hits more.
They are capable of dealing high amount of damage in a short period of time, and have good mobility at reaching their targets. They need to avoid main areas of battle and focus on the enemy that’s the main threat. Being able to take these targets will help the team having trouble with them.
They have high defense and survivability; their main role is to take damage and protect others. They can affect multiple enemies thanks to their crowd control abilities. If paired with energy characters, they can work in tandem to take down multiple enemies.
This role lets you support other players within a given lane. They are capable of providing healing, or shields depending on the character. Some support characters can deal secondary damage, or they can also provide crowd control in order to help the damage dealers.

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