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What is the best way to farm coins?

What is the best way to farm coins?
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Marvel Super War Coins
Marvel Super War Coins

In order to expand your roster, you'll want to farm a lot of coins. This is the basic currency of the game that you can farm through matches and you don't need to pay real cash in order to get them.

Coins however, take time in order to save them up. If you're planning to unlock a character, it would be good to test them out in training first to see if they're up to your liking.

Here are the best ways in order for you to farm coins:

1. Complete the Basic and Advanced Training modes under the Match section. Initial rewards are given with coins.
2. Play Matches. These provide coins ranging from 60-100 and get lower as you are about to hit the daily limit.
3. Level up your account. Each level up awards you with coins, and you get increased rewards every 5 levels.
4. Reach level 6 to unlock quests, then complete your dailies and weeklies as much as you can.
5. Complete beginner events, the events ongoing may change over time so try to participate when possible.
6. Complete achievements. Check your profile section and see what tasks you can do for your achievements.
7. Level up Battle Pass to get rewards. Some of the level up rewards are coins.

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