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Beginner's Guide
MARVEL Super War Guide

Are you a beginner at Marvel Super War? Or are you not familiar with the MOBA genre in general? Marvel Super War boasts numerous characters from the Marvel universe with over 40 characters to choose from. There are 6 roles that are available in this game, each character has a specified role and there are some characters who can fill in two roles.

Each match will start with you and your team, you are composed of 5 members and you will defeat the enemy team by taking out their base. This will involve destroying their turrets, and your main objective is to reach their base in order to destroy it.

Marvel Super Watch Match Screen
Marvel Super Watch Match Screen

The main arena will be composed of different lanes, your team must be composed of a balance set of roles in order for you to be victorious. Not only do you have to head to the enemy base and destroy it, you must also be wary of your own base and defend it when necessary.

Each match will not only involve your personal choice in order to determine the outcome, but will depend on your team mates as well. A coordinated team with a balanced roster will help. Due to the amount of character combinations in the game, it can be daunting at first to know how to react to a specific opponent.

You can check our Controls page to see the basics on maneuvering your character, as well as using the different type of skills available. For beginners, you may do the following in order to get a better grasp of the game:

Learn the different types of character roles in the game

With over 40 characters to choose from, you should be itching on having one character as your main. However, you’ll need to know that each character here fulfills a specific role. It would be best to know each type available, then see which characters belong to that category.

Marvel Super War Roles
Marvel Super War Roles

Once you are familiar with their role, you can then select several characters from each type so you can have an idea on who to focus on and learn the basics with. You will then know what you’re supposed to do once you started a game with the character of your choice. You can check the different types of Roles available in our basics section.

Complete Training under the Match section

From the main menu, click on the Match button that’s on the right side of the screen. From there, you can head to the training section that’s on the lower right side of the screen. From there, you can take on different training options such as basic, advanced, or hero. It's best to start with basic training first as this will help out in overall knowledge of the game.

Marvel Super War Training Menu
Marvel Super War Training Menu

The basic training section will bring you through 7 different stages. Each stage provides you with details regarding the following:

1-1 Basic Controls
Describes how to move, attack and use abilities.
1-2 Destroying Turrets
Describes how to win in battle.
1-3 Levels and Coins
Describes how to improve your strength through battle.
1-4 Stats Intro
Describes how to understand hero and item stats.
1-5 Recall Order
Describes how to Recall and issue quick orders.
1-6 Turret Mechanics
Describes the attack and defense mechanics of turrets.
1-7 Beginner Battle
Using what you have learned from the previous tutorials, win a standard battle.

Once you have completed the basic training, you can then continue and complete advanced in order through learn 7 more stages regarding specific game mechanics. It’s advised that you complete the basic one first and get the first-time rewards along the way. If you need to recap any stages, you can replay them any time you want.

Practice a Hero per Role

After you have completed your training, you can then try out specific heroes per role in the Hero training section. This would be best in order for you to find out which character can click with you, and so that you'll know what your duties and responsibilities are at any given match.

Matches can be done with friends; therefore, you can stick to a specific role that you want depending on the choices that you have agreed upon. There will be cases however, that you will play random matches with different kinds of players. You may need to adapt to other roles, so having knowledge of other types will be helpful.

Since there are different items in the game as well, their effects may vary depending on which hero that you choose. This is why practicing using the hero training mode will help you out with learning your character, making you easier to adapt to different kinds of situations.

Learn different strategies and tasks you can accomplish

Once you have chosen your character, you should be familiar what role you need to do. However, since each game is different, some situations may arise where you’ll have to adjust and help out despite what role you’ve picked.

Your team may go all out in offense, but the enemy team can counter with a good defense as well. You may head straight for the enemy base but leave your current base empty for attack. There are a lot of scenarios that can occur so you need to have some sort of awareness with the ongoing battle so you’ll know which step that you will have to do next.

Once you have went through the basic and advanced training, you should be familiar with the main objective of destroying bases. Your character will go through different lanes and destroy turrets along the way in order to make the base vulnerable.

In between these lanes, there are sections called jungles. Here you can get buffs, CP gain, and more through different NPCs. Not only is attacking and defending needed, but you must turn the tide of the battle by getting bonuses for your team during a match. Knowing if your character fits for farming in the jungle is necessary. You should be able to have good mobility and killing power, hence supports and tanks aren’t great for this.

Marvel Super War Jungle
Marvel Super War Jungle

If you’re using an Assassin character, they are perfect for securing the bonuses for the team since they both have mobility and killing power. Knowing the locations for these resources will be beneficial since you will be able to plan your route accordingly. Not only that, but you can ambush enemies as well if they aren’t prepared.

Customize your character and options through the Archive

From the main screen, you can access the archive button. You will be able to see different items that you can use in the game, as well as different power cores. You can edit these according to your liking so you can create different kinds of builds for your character.

Depending on the hero that you choose, they can have different skills and effects they can do. Once you have familiarized yourself with your main character, you can then read each item available and see if their effects will synergize well with yours.

Items appear through the game, so you’ll want to prioritize which items appear first. Through the archive section, you should be able to choose different presets per character. Each item set lets you pick 5 kinds of items, and you can save a total of 3 presets.

Marvel Super War Item Presets
Marvel Super War Item Presets

The Power Core section is another way you can customize your character aside from items. You can choose from the default ones available, or make a new preset of your own by reading the different bonuses available.

The Tactic section shows you different kinds of tactics available in the game. You can only customize this before the match starts, so make sure to change the default one if you need to. You can choose between Leech, Dispel, Blink, Paralyze, Accelerate, Wound, First Aid, Reveal, and Teleport.

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