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The Thing
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The Thing



note: Skills are subject to change due to future balance changes. (Updated as of Jan 31, 2020)

Hard Rock The Thing
Passive: Every 10 seconds, The Thing's next basic attack is enhanced, allowing him to leap toward a specified target and deal 30(+50%Physical Attack) (+3*Level) physical damage to enemies in the area he lands, as well as slowing affected targets by 20% for 1.5 seconds.

Earthquake The Thing
The Thing smashes the ground beneath him, fracturing the earth in the specified direction. Enemies in the path are dealt 60(+80%Physical Attack) (+6%Bonus Max HP) physical damage. If the fracture hits an enemy hero, or when reaches its max distance, stone pillars arise along its path, knocking nearby enemies up after a short delay and dealing 30(+40%Physical Attack) (+3%Bonus Max HP) physical damage, while slowing them by 80% for 1.5 seconds.

Quake The Thing
The Thing tramples the ground 5 times, each time dealing 25(+30%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and inflicting a 0.5-second 20% slowing effect. After he finishes trampling, the Thing leaps in the direction of the joystick, dealing 50(+60%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in the area he lands. Each time this ability hits an enemy hero or beast, The Thing gains one layer of a shielding effect that can absorb 40(+4%Bonus Max HP) damage per layer.

Boulder Crash The Thing
The Thing quickly charges to a specified location, dealing 70(+25%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in his path and knocking them aside. When he reaches his target location, he deals 140(+75%Physical Attack) (+8%Target's Max HP) physical damage to enemies in range and knocks them up for 1 seconds.

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