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note: Skills are subject to change due to future balance changes. (Updated as of Jan 31, 2020)

Mad Titan Thanos
Passive: If Thanos hasn't taken any damage for 8 seconds, he obtains a shield that can absorb up to 50(+10%Max HP) damage.

Cosmic Power Thanos
Thanos channels power for a short duration before charging and punching in the specified direction, dealing 20(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area and inflicting a 50% slow effect for 2 seconds. He can move freely while channeling power. He can punch again in the specified direction within 5 seconds of casting, dealing 20(+100%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and briefly knocking them back. Once Thanos has the Power Stone or Mind Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Rage Thanos
Thanos stomps the ground to deal 70(+70%Physical Attack) physical damage and inflict a 20% slow effect for 1.5 seconds on nearby enemies, while his next basic attack becomes Brutal Pummel. Brutal Pummel: Thanos' basic attacks deal an extra (+120%Physical Attack) physical damage and launch up targets for 0.8 seconds. Once Thanos has the Space Stone or Reality Stone, the ability effect will change.

Titan Strike Thanos
Thanos charges in the specified direction. When the Soul Stone or the Time Stone has been obtained, ability effect is changed.

Infinity Gauntlet Thanos
Passive: Every time this ability upgrades, Thanos obtains an Infinity Stone that enhances his abilities. Each ability can only be enhanced once. When Thanos obtains stones, he needs to channel for 3 seconds to activate their power.
Active: Thanos punches the specified enemy hero with Infinity Gauntlet, dealing 200(+100%Physical Attack) (+25%Target's Missing HP) physical damage.

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