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How do you unlock characters?

How do you unlock characters?
MARVEL Super War Guide

How do you unlock characters in Marvel Super War? With having over 40 characters, there will be free heroes on rotation and you can test heroes in Hero training. If you want to main a specific character but they're not available, you'll have to unlock them accordingly.

There are different in-game currencies available that can help with unlocking. You can have star credits, coins, and crystals which can be farmed by playing the game or participating in events. Some Heroes can be distributed through log-in rewards as well.

Purchase from the Hero Shop

From the main screen, click on the shop button on the left side. Here, you'll find different tabs available and you should see the Hero button. You can sort heroes from their pricing, date of release, etc. Heroes on sale will be marked on the upper left corner if they have a discount.

Marvel Super War Hero Shop
Marvel Super War Hero Shop

Below each hero icon you'll see two options for buying them. On the left side are coins, while the right side will show either star credits or crystals. These are the main currencies you can find in the game. You can obtain coins from farming matches, star credits are bought using real money, and crystals are converted from star credits.

Unlock from the Museum

From the main screen, click on the shop button on the left side. Here you'll find the Museum button as well aside from the Hero button. Here you'll see heroes that you can unlock using a Dark Star or Brilliant Casket. The rotation of heroes are above.

Marvel Super War Museum
Marvel Super War Museum

Dark Stars and Brilliant Caskets can be obtained through events or by purchasing them using Crystals.

Unlock from the Redeem section

From the main screen, you can check the shop and check the lowest tab on the left side. Here you'll find the Redeem button which you can unlock heroes in. There's a currency there called a Hero Clue which can be used to unlock the displayed Heroes.

Marvel Super War Redeem Section
Marvel Super War Redeem Section

Hero Clues can be obtained from events, completing achievements, as well as different event quests. You can save these over time until you have enough clues for unlocking heroes that you want.

Events and Sign-in Rewards

Sign-in rewards can vary in terms of content, however there can be times where heroes are given out. As you log in the game, check the automatic sign-in pop up to see if there are heroes you can unlock. Another way is to check events by clicking the event button on the main page.

Marvel Super War Event Page
Marvel Super War Event Page

Click the basic tab on the left side to see the ongoing event. Here you'll see if there are any characters that can be unlocked. For example, the event shown on the photo is the Gauntlet which lets you unlock Storm.

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