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Marksman Tier List

Marksman Tier List
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What are the best Marksman characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.


Marksman Tier List
Angel is one of the highest DPS marksman available with excellent mobility. His main focus is offense in exchange for his low defense and support capabilities. His passive skill is called Flechettes and it enables him to deal extra damage once he deals 5 basic hits. Judgement acts as a passive and active skill. As a passive, he can mark opponents with one Original Sin whenever he uses basic attacks, as well as sacred feathers. Once you have stacked four marks, you’ll deal extra damage. As an active skill, you’ll increase your attack speed damage.

Sacred feathers let you deal damage, but it’s best used on varied opponents or else it will be weaker. You strike 5 assaults and each can leave an Original Sin mark. Holy Vestiges is your mobility skill which helps you move to a specified direction, and finally Angel’s coming lets you morph other skills to provide differen effects, it also deals damage and slow, as well as gaining a speed boost. This makes Angel very lethal at damage dealing and movement.

Rocket Raccoon

Marksman Tier List
Rocket Raccoon has excellent DPS, moderate mobility, but has low defensive and support capabilities. His passive, Gun augmentation, enables him to pick up parts from enemies for every 1800 units he defeats within 1 yard. You need to pick up 15 parts to assemble a gun enhancer for his skills.

Machin Gun Volley enables you to strafe with your gun, dealing damage and you can trigger critical and basic attacks making it good for burst damage. Raccoon Sprint is his mobility move where he can run with increased speed at a given time period. Finally, explosive mine lets him place this skill at any location which will detonate after an enemy step on it. Whoever gets hit is dealt damage, and they’ll be slowed down which is good for crowd control. The combination of skills makes him easy to use, and he’s proficient at taking down enemies.

Star Lord

Marksman Tier List
Star Lord has high damage, and one of the best mobility among Marskman roles. In exchange however, he doesn’t have the best defense and support capabilities. His Elemental Blasters passive lets him convert his shots to energy damage. His skill, Let’s Rock lets him deal multiple hits of damage, he will however deal extra damage whenever he has increased attack speed by 25%.

Rocket Boots is his mobility move which is active for 2.5 seconds, this is good if you need to escape from certain situations. Finally, Milano Strike lets him deal damage at a specified location, this deals damage over time, the target however can only be damaged up to 3 times so use this at a crowded location.


Marksman Tier List
Hawkeye is a straightforward Marskman character that focuses on DPS. He has limited mobility and he’s quite frail therefore you need to manually move him to get out of situations. His passive, I never Miss, lets him improve his range as you increase his level. Blast Arrow lets you deal damage at a specific direction, any enemies on its path will get hit so it’s good for enemies that are in front, or if they are being blocked by a tank.

Multipurpose Bow lets him lock no to an enemy with low hp, his attack speed will be increased and you’ll be able to deal extra damage. Because of this, you need to be precise with your targets in order to maximize the skill. Finally, Arrow Rain lets you shoot arrows as you jump backward. Any enemies hit get damaged and receive a slow effect. While jumping back, you’ll also be immune to any damage and control effects, so use it sparingly if you need to get out of certain situations.

War Machine

Marksman Tier List
War Machine excels in dps, however all his other stats are low. You’ll have to be wary of your positioning since your aim is to take down enemies as fast as possible. His passive skill, Tactical Strategy, lets him stack Battle Cry up to three times whenever you use his other abilities versus enemies. This increases his basic attack damage and range, and you consume a battle cry per hit you make. Rocket shell is a damaging move that deals damage, if enemies are within a fire bomb, they get more damage.

Fire Bomb is a location skill which deals damage over time and slow. Gunfire then lets you aim at a direction to deal damage, and knocking enemies away. This is good to use to prevent enemies from advancing further. Finally, Precision Guidance will let you shoot missiles in a specified location continuously until you pause or cancel the attack.


Marksman Tier List
Yondu focuses on damage and has limited mobility, he may be difficult to use therefore you should be wary of his skills. He has a passive called Yaka Charge; this enables you to use your Yaka Arrow’s action power to increase your basic attack. You can gain Action power over time every 5 seconds; therefore, you need to manage this resource.

Yaka Arrow is an offensive skill that hits any enemies within its path, so this is one of his basic damage skills. Whistle Charge will then enhance your Yaka Arrow, your basic attack will then deal more damage and you won’t use action power. This provides stun for crowd control as well. Ravager kick deals damage to enemies surrounding you, you can also clear any control effects ongoing. At the same time, this kick lets you be immune to any control effects while having increased movement speed. His Arrow Barrage skill is a passive and active skill. As a passive, you can apply a 6 second mark to an enemy that’s hit with Arrow Call twice. As an active, you’ll command your Yaka Arrow to strike all enemies within 1200 yards. Any marked enemy will be given extra damage.

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