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What is Match mode in Marvel Super War? This section where you'll enter arenas and fight other players depending on which mode you choose. There are two main modes of play available, Match Game and Arcade Mode. There are also several features on the right side that lets you enter PvE Clash, Match Room,Training, and entering a private room through a room code.

Marvel Super War Match
Marvel Super War Match

Match Game

Match Screen
Match Screen

This is the game's basic 5 vs 5 mode where you'll have to defeat the enemy base in order to win. From here, you can invite your friends and form a team, or instantly play the match button in order to be paired with random players. This is the core gameplay of the game and having a balanced team is needed in order to increase the likelihood of winning.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode Options
Arcade Mode Options

Arcade Mode lets you play two types of game modes according to your liking. The first mode is Battle for Vibranium, which is a 5v5 battle and your aim is to collect 1000 vibranium in order to win. You can collect these from the battlefield or by defeating opponents who are carrying it. The other mode is Free for All which is also 5v5 but you're all in one lane and you duke it out with a plain fight.

Other Modes

PvE Clash: The same as Match Game except you fight vs AI opponents
Match Room: Create custom rooms and get a room code in order to invite other players for practice.
Training: Complete basic and advanced training in order to familiarize with yourself with the game. You can also do Hero Specific training.
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