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note: Skills are subject to change due to future balance changes. (Updated as of Jan 31, 2020)

The Accuser Ronan
Passive: When Ronan stuns or knocks up enemies, he gains a shield, capable of absorbing 20(+5%Max HP) (+20*Level) damage. While this shield is active, Ronan's next basic attack deals an additional 10(+8*Level) (+6%Target's Max HP) physical damage. This shield effect can be stacked, and each time Ronan this shield, his enhanced basic attack effect will be refreshed.

Hammer Smash Ronan
Ronan chooses a specified direction and smashes the ground, dealing 50(+120%Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in range and launching them up while stunning them for 0.35 seconds.

Cosmic Rays Ronan
Ronan launches cosmic rays in a specified direction, dealing 100(+100%Physical Attack) energy damage and slowing the enemy by 65% for 1.5 seconds, while increasing his own movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

Worldshaker Ronan
Ronan raises his hammer to gather power, them slams the ground before him, dealing 100(+50%Physical Attack) (+5%Target's Max HP) energy damage to enemies in the area and knocking them up for 0.85 seconds. The longer he charges, the larger this attack's range, and the more damage it deals. Charging this ability can enhance its damage by up to {1.8} times. Ronan can move while gathering power.

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