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Emma Frost
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Emma Frost



note: Skills are subject to change due to future balance changes. (Updated as of Jan 31, 2020)

Charm Emma Frost
Passive: Enemy heroes damaged by Emma's basic attacks and abilities will also be tagged with Diamond Fire. Enemy heroes tagged a full 4 times will immediately suffer 50(+12*Level) (+25%Energy Attack) energy damage, plus an extra 1.5-second 50% slow if Emma is currently in Psychic Form, while Emma gains 50% acceleration for 1.5 seconds. If Emma is in Diamond Form, enemies are also stunned for 1 seconds, while Emma gains a shield that absorbs 100(+35%Energy Attack) (+15*Level) damage. When stunning the same target within 5 seconds, the stun effect is reduced to 0.3 seconds.

Telepathic Pulse Emma Frost
Emma releases a telepathic pulse in the specified direction, dealing 80(+40%Energy Attack) energy damage to any enemy heroes in its path. When hitting an enemy hero, Emma gains vision of them for 4 seconds. The pulse then returns to Emma's current location after a short while, dealing a further 50(+30%Energy Attack) true damage to any enemies in the path of its return trajectory.

Psionic Shield Emma Frost
Emma creates a psionic shield at the specified location, dealing 130(+45%Energy Attack) energy damage to all enemies in its way and charming them for 1 seconds.

Diamond Form Emma Frost
Passive: Use this ability to empower Emma to charge straight up to her target for her next basic attack.
Active: Emma rushes in the specified direction and switches to her Diamond Form, permanently increasing her physical defense and energy resist by 30.

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