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Assassin Tier List

Assassin Tier List
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What are the best Assassin characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.


Assassin Tier List
Beast has one of the highest DPS available out of the Assassin roles in the game. On top of this, he has great mobility but you should take note of your defense and support since they aren’t that great. His skill, Savagery, gives him two passive effects. Firstly, if he hits any enemies with his skills, he can mark them for 3 seconds. These targets will then receive increased damage from his basic attacks. His other passive for this is Bestial Might which lets him be immune to control effects, plus he gains tenacity.

His Bestial Fury skill lets him have increased attack speed and increased damage after using an ability. This will help with his increased DPS as well. Bestial Raid acts as a passive and active, for his passive he can reduce this cooldown’s ability when using basic attacks. As an active, he deals damage and slowing them down. Finally, he has Predatory Shadow which enables him gather power, and then attacking an enemy on sight. You can increase this damage if you gather more power which is good at taking down opponents for burst damage.


Assassin Tier List
Quicksilver has good damage, excellent mobility, and has support as well. His defense however, isn’t that great so be careful. His Super-Speed skill is a passive which enables him to appear to the side of his target after you use another ability, you’ll deal increased physical damage and recover 20 Force. Instastrike lets you charge to enemies fast and deal damage.
Hypercharge lets you go to a specified location to damage enemies on your path, you’ll recover 25 force per enemy and you can store this two times. His last skills Spatial Relativity, you can create a field that lets you have accelerated time inside it; therefore, you can deal faster attacks. This is useful for whittling down enemy hp with his attacks and skills.


Assassin Tier List
Ghost has very high mobility, great dps, moderate defense and low support. Her Quantum Corrosion passive enables her to pass through enemies and give them the Quantum Corrosion effect. If they’re hit with attacks from ghost, the effect detonates and it deals damage. Her range for basic attacks is increased as well if you use skills that pass through enemies.

Quantum Positioning lets her put a device in a location to deal damage and slow enemies, this also adds Quantum Corrosion on them. Once you’ve used this, you can then move to that location by using the skill once more so it’s a great mobility tool. Quantum Shuttle lets her leave a shadow, while she’ll be able to move fast and be immune to attack until she hits an enemy. Any enemies that get passed through get damage, and she can recall her shadow to her. Any enemy hit will be dealt additional damage plus get a corrosion effect. Finally, Quantum Field lets her to place this attack on a location, this lets Ghost become invisible and gain acceleration. This field provides support for her such as resetting Quantum Positioning. Due to all of these tools at her disposal, she can be quite complicated to use.


Assassin Tier List
Spider-Man has excellent mobility, high dps, moderate support, but low defenses. His skill, Spider Power, provides two passive effects. First, he can accumulate energy while moving around, once this has been maxed, your basic attack or ability will deal increased damage. The second passive enables him to know the position and direction of enemies nearby.

Web Shot has two effects as well. As an active, he can shoot web bombs to deal damage. If you’re hanging, this will then turn to a barrage of web bombs. As a passive skill, this lets you add web marks on enemies hit. Inflict 4 web marks to deal additional damage, and stun. Spidey Flight is your mobility skill, enabling you to gain acceleration. Once you use this ability, you can pull yourself towards an enemy after using a basic attack to deal damage and add a web mark. Finally, he has Web Punishment, he can pull himself to stunned targets to deal damage and launching them to the air. Due to his hanging mechanics, he might need some time taking used to. Make sure to know the effects of his skills depending on his status.

Black Panther

Assassin Tier List
Black Panther is a balanced assassin class that can be easily learned. He has excellent DPS, moderate mobility, and has little defense and support capabilities. His passive, Vibranium Armor, provides you with a shield to absorb damage. This shield explodes in order to deal damage, based on the attacks you’ve absorbed. Panther Claws is his basic damaging move which strikes enemies in an arc in front of him, therefore you need to close in.

Bast’s shadow lets you move to a location and deal damage. Enemies that are hit in the path will gain extra damage and they can be slowed down. Panther Strike is another offensive skill that deals damage and stun for some control. Finally, King of Wakanda lets him charge energy and attack the latest enemy he hit before to deal damage. Any enemies nearby get additional damage as well which is useful in crowded situations.

Proxima Midnight

Assassin Tier List
Proxima Midnight has one of the highest DPS and Mobility amongst assassins. She has little support capabilities, and low defense therefore you’ll need to be wary of her mechanics in order to use her right. Her Shadowblade skill is a passive that changes your basic attack after using a skill. It will become a ranged attack dealing damage, and you can knock them to the direction of your joystick. Because of this, you need to know your surroundings and position enemies where they are needed to be.

Eclipse Raid is a skill that lets you charge in a direction in order to deal damage, you’ll gain increased movement speed and shield as well. The more enemies you hit, the stronger you shield gets. After 5 seconds you can use this skill again to go to a different direction and deal damage while slowing enemies. Terrors Shadow is another mobility skill that lets you deal damage and knocking opponents up for more damage. If no enemies are near, this les you receive reduced cooldown and more distance for mobility. Finally, Spear of Fate enables you to throw your weapon to a direction and deal damage, this will leave a mark to the enemy. You can them teleport to enemies within 6 seconds if your target has less than 15% hp, you can then deal damage and slow them down, useful at chasing enemies. You’ll also gain shield after this skill. She will need a lot of awareness regarding your enemies and surroundings, and you must know which ability to use for mobility depending on the situation.

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