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Fighter Tier List

Fighter Tier List
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What are the best Fighter characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.


Fighter Tier List
Thanos is a fighter with great dps capabilities. His defense, mobility, and support are also well balanced therefore this makes him one of the best fighters in the game. He has a passive that grants him a shield whenever he isn’t attacked after a set period of time, this helps out in his survivability.

Thanks to his Cosmic Power, not only can he direct damage in a specified direction, he can also slow enemies down that are hit. Titan rage enables him to deal damage surrounding his area and slows enemies down, this also enables his next hit to deal higher damage. Infinity gauntlet on the other hand acts as a passive and active skill. As a passive, he can gain infinity stones and channel their power, providing different effects. As an active, he deals damage.

Captain America

Fighter Tier List
Captain America has well rounded stats. He has great DPS and moderate defense, as well as good mobility and some bit of support. Since he has four skills available, this lets you focus on which ones you can use which makes him friendly to use for everyone.

He can deal damage to enemies using his Shield Throw and slowing them down, this can then hit other enemies nearby as well therefore it’s great at dealing multiple damage. His Star of Freedom passive lets hm gain increased movement speed after throwing his shield, he’ll also be able to jump towards enemies after using a basic attack which provides great mobility, once he recovers his shield, he gains a shield buff which helps with his survival. The rest of his skills are focused on dealing damage, and gaining damage reduction which helps for his dps and survival.

Lady Sif

Fighter Tier List
Lady Sif has great DPS and one of the best mobility among fighters, however her defense and support capabilities aren’t the best. For each enemy she hits with a skill, this will activate her passive Battle Cry which strengthens her basic attacks. Once you have maximized her passive stack of four, you get an attack speed boost which helps in her damage output.

Her offensive skills not only deal damage, but she can inflict slow, stun, and even gain immunity to damage and control effects. With all of these combinations, she’s best at offense and striking enemies down, while at the same time enabling her to move at her desired pace.

Mister Fantastic

Fighter Tier List
Mister Fantastic has balanced stats, his DPS, Defense, Mobility, and Support are all equal which makes him very adaptable to a lot of situations. Thanks to his passive ability, he can damage immunity when he starts to attack an enemy. This immunity enables him to deal DPS while surviving for a few seconds, which is great whenever you start to get into crowds.

His Elastic Punch can deal damage and slow, then it enables his basic attacks to have increased range. This also provides him with self-healing which helps in survivability. He can go straight to enemies by using his Flexibility skill, enabling him to deal damage and grant him movement. Finally, his Coil Strike lets him deal damage, slow enemies down, and deal damage over time.


Fighter Tier List
Ant-Man has decent DPS and Support capabilities, while his defense and mobility are equally balanced. His Quantum Ray passive enable him to unleash quantum rays in from of him which not only deal physical damage, but silencing them as well. Enemies will get shrunken and they get increased damage from Ant-Man afterward.
He can shrink down using his Ant-Sized ability and gain increased mobility, he can also hide his HP bar and he becomes untargetable. For an opposite effect, he can use Super Soldier to grow gigantic in order to gain increased physical attack. This enables Ant-Man to have control over situations if he needs to attack or move away when needed.


Fighter Tier List
Thor has great DPS, and moderate mobility and support. However, his defense may not be the greatest so you should take this into consideration. His passive ability, God of Thunder, enables him to inflict additional damage from using his skills. He can generate lightning as additional damage for his abilities which deal damage over time, and stun. Not only that, but this restores his HP as well which helps in prolonging his fighting capability.
His Hammer Strike skill lets him deal damage and slow enemies down which is good crowd control. Winds of Valhalla is another crowd control ability which lets him deal damage and knock enemies up in the air. Finally, his Thunderclap skill lets him deal damage and gain physical and energy resistance, this also enables him to deal damage to nearby enemies as well.

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