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Energy Tier List

Energy Tier List
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What are the best Energy characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.

Doctor Strange

Energy Tier List
Doctor Strange has great DPS and Support capabilities, he has moderate mobility as well for getting out of situations but you should watch out for his defenses. He is able to get out of situations thanks to his passive, Cloak of Levitation, which enables you to evade and become immune to damage whenever your HP reaches a small point and you take a certain amount of damage.

He has Time Manipulation which enables him to reverse the movement of heroes and opponents. This is good for turning situations around in case you have an ally who got in trouble. When used against enemies, their movement is not only reversed but their HP gets reduced as well. His Bolts of Balthakk enables him to deal damage, and this can spread and deal additional damage whenever there’s an obstacle of dimensional portal ahead. Thanks to his Inter-Dimensional portal ability, he can provide methods of movement to a specified location. Sorcerer supreme on the other hand is a strong skill that lets him deal continuous damage. The combination of his mobility, support, and damage make him one of the best energy characters in the game.

Scarlet Witch

Energy Tier List
Scarlet Witch deals one of the highest DPS amongst energy roles. However, in exchange, she has one of the worst defenses and mobility, and has minimal support. This makes her focus on being a damage dealer, and needs the assistance of a tank in order for her to complete her role.

Her passive ability is Hex Mark, which is given to opponents each time other skills are used. Once enemies have 3 Hex Marks, they are then given damage. Enchanted Force Field lets her deal damage over a specified area, this can be created up to 3 times which covers a huge range. Reality Warp enables her to knock back enemies, deal damage, as well as stunning them for crowd control. Finally, Chaos Magic lets her push enemies to an area and deal damage and stun. She’s great at dealing enemy mobs thanks to her set of skills.


Energy Tier List
Storm is another character that has one of the highest DPS amongst energy roles in exchange for her poor defenses. Her passive, Wind Shield, grants her shield and then acceleration afterwards whenever she isn’t damage. She can deal Chain Lightning which is focused on one enemy, then it will spread out to others dealing more damage. Each enemy defeated by it makes it stronger, so it’s good versus crowds.

Hurricane lets her blow an attack towards a specified direction, dealing damage and stun for crowd control. Finally, Eye of the Storm enables her to deal damage and slow, then it will deal additional damage later on. What makes this strong is that it won’t have a cooldown if an enemy hero is defeated by it.


Energy Tier List
Magneto has decent DPS and moderate defense for his survival. His mobility and Support are low though therefore he might need some time in order get to a fight. He’s capable of dealing additional damage using basic attacks thanks to his passive Electrosensitivity, which is activated after he uses any other ability. This lets Magneto leave metal spheres near an enemy.

His Master of Magnetism attack lets him deal damage, and launch three metal spheres. This is used in conjunction with his other skills to deal damage. Magnetic Radiation lets him scatter these spheres to cause damage and slow. He can support himself with Magnetic Force field which helps absorb energy damage, and grants him increased movement speed. Finally, he has Magnetic Storm which can recover all metal spheres in his range. Anyone who gets hit by the spheres will take damage, stune, and get knocked towards magneto. He’ll also get a shield that absorbs enerfy attacks, and his movement spied while on shield is increased. His moveset may be complicated due to it revolving around Sphere usage so make sure to practice this character under training.


Energy Tier List
Jubilee has great dps and mobility, however this is traded in exchange for her poor defense and support capabilities. Whenever she uses skills, it activates a passive where her basic attacks deal additional damage, as well as leaving a Firework Mark on them.

Spark Show enables her to deal damage over time versus enemies, and this provides her with a shield as well. This can attack up to 4 times and this enables her to deal stun and apply 1 Firework Mark. Radiance enables her to deal damage and apply Firework Marks based on their distance and it’s more effective at longer distance. For mobility, she has Shooting Star which enables her to head to a specific direction. Finally, she can use Luminescence which targets all enemies that have Firework Marks on them. The more marks they have, the more damage she deals. She may be difficult to use to her firework mark management, as well as for you learning how to survive as long as possible.

Human Torch

Energy Tier List
The Human Torch also has great dps and mobility, however their defense and support aren’t that great. His passive skill, Spark, works in conjunction with his Combustion ability. Whenever it’s activated, he adds a 7 second Spark mark on opponents.

Combustion is a basic damage dealing ability that provides slow within its radius which is good for crowd control. His skill, Fiery Cage, increases his movement speed and he can fly to a specified direction. This leaves a trail behind him which you can create up to three times, therefore you’ll deal damage to enemies with this flame. Enemies who are marked with Spark will get additional damage. Finally, his Flames of Rage skill lets you charge towards a Sparked enemy. You’ll deal slow and damage afterward which causes stun.

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