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How do you unlock character skins?

How do you unlock character skins?
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How do you unlock skins in Marvel Super War? Skins are customization items that let you change your appearance for your character, these are entirely cosmetic changes and they do not change your gameplay.

In order to see which skins are available for your character, click the Archive button and choose a specific Hero that you want that's listed. From there, you'll see your character's stats screen. The list of skins are available on the lower right section, and you can swipe to the right side to see the different skin options.

Marvel Super War Skins
Marvel Super War Skins

Skins can be obtained primarily through Star Credit which is purchased using real money. Some skins are also exclusive to Growth Plans, Star Membership, Events, and the Battle Pass so it should be listed there.

You can also get skins by completing quests and obtaining Skin Shards and Advanced Skin Shards. These are then used in the Redeem section of the shop.

Thanos on the other hand isn't listed on the Archive immediately. His Skins can be unlocked through the Museum by checking the same place where you can unlock him through Dark Shards.

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