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Support Tier List

Support Tier List
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What are the best Support characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.


Support Tier List
Mantis has excellent support capabilities, and has moderate defenses. Be careful though since she has poor dps and mobility, so you need to assist your team mates with caution. Her Perception passive skill lets you see into the nearest brush within 600 yards, this will help you determine if there are ambushing enemies near you. Her Life Drain skill lets you deal damage towards a direction, anyone in the path will also be slowed down and enemies hit will provide healing for Mantis.

Spirit Bond lets you target a team mate and heal them over time, it enables you to give them increased defense and resist as well, and you’ll split damage between your target. Any healing effects towards mantis can be passed over this bond, so it’s a good skill to use whenever you need to keep allies alive. Finally, she has Force Control, which lets her target fall into a sleep status, and receive damage. While she’s controlling her enemy, she’ll gain damage reduction but she can’t move. Use this versus targets that need to be taken down by your team members. With healing, crowd control, and the option to make targets fall asleep, Mantis is one of the best support units available.


Support Tier List
Groot is a combination of a Tank and a Support. He has excellent support capabilities, high defense, moderate mobility. However, his DPS isn’t the highest so make sure that you can take on enemies that you’re not on your own when taking on enemies. His Sapling passive enables him to survive a KO, you’ll turn into Baby Groot and you can move around until you’re back to your regular form. His secondary passive effect enables you to gain increased movement speed when you enter a brush. You’ll also be able to heal yourself during this period for prolonged survival.

Bark Stab is a passive and active skill. As a passive, this lets Groot lower his skill’s cooldown by a second when basic attacks hit enemies. As an active skill, he can extend his arms and grab opponents to deal damage and knock them up which is useful for crowd control. Branch Slap lets you deal damage in front of you and you can knock enemies up. Hitting an enemy hero using this skill will provide you with a shield. Finally, he has a skill called Growing Pains, this lets you send out vines within 1200 yards to immobilize enemies and deal damage. In order to be a good support character, make sure to use your crowd control skills effectively so your team mates can take enemies down.

Ebony Maw

Support Tier List
Ebony Maw has very high support skills and moderate dps. Be careful though since his defense and mobility aren’t that high. Black Tongue is a passive skill which lets him mark enemies with a 6 second Evil Whisper. This is passed through basic attacks or other abilities. Once you’ve marked them 3 times, enemies will be under a state of Confusion. Psychic Entity lets him deal damage in a specific path, then you can use it on team mates or enemies that’s in a state of confusion.
If used on an ally, they’ll gain increased acceleration and a shield. If used on an enemy, they’ll be slowed down and gain damage over time. Minsdsteal lets him attack a specific location to deal damage, an explosion will happen after which deals additional damage and heals an ally with the lowest HP. Bewilderment deals damage to an enemy, and has more power if they are in a state of confusion. Finally, he has Dark Burst which lets him have an area of effect that damages enemies and slows them down. They’ll also be knocked up the longer you concentrate this power.

Cull Obsidian

Support Tier List
Cull Obsidian is a Tank and Support character. He has excellent defense, great support, but his dps and mobility is moderate. Power Shield is a passive skill where he gains a shield whenever he uses his skills versus a hero. When he uses his basic hits, the cooldown is reduced therefore this helps in his survival. Warlord’s Slash lets him extend his weapon to a specific direction to attack, he’ll then drag himself towards an opponent to deal damage and stun so it’s good as a semi mobility skill.
Furious Trample lets you deal damage on the ground and you can slow enemies down. Once the skill ends, you can deal damage and slow for crowd control. Scythe Swing lets you throw an opponent to a specified direction to deal damage and stun which is useful while other DPS characters take them down. Finally, he has deadly spiral which deals damage, slow, and then knocking them back with more damage. His support style is more of crowd controlling while being able to take damage.

Cloak & Dagger

Support Tier List
Cloak & Dagger has very high support stats, but their dps, defense, and mobility aren’t the highest. They have Shadowing as their passive which lets them have increased damage for their basic attacks while getting Lifepower stack for 15 seconds. Light Daggers damages enemies in a specific direction and they can slow them down, you’ll also get Lifepower doing this up to 3 times. Living Light lets you use your Lifepower to recover HP and to allies. The more Lifepower you have, the more healing you can provide.

Dark Fear lets you have an area effect that deals damage, silence, and slow. Once the field is gone, they can get imprisoned for 1.5 seconds which is good crowd control. Finally, they have Darkforce Dimension which lets you help allies by making them untargetable and you’ll heal them. Since their other main source of healing requires Lifepower, you’ll have to manage this resource which can be hard to do if there aren’t enemies you can fight.

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