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Tank Tier List

Tank Tier List
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What are the best Tankr characters in Marvel Super War? In this tier list, we cover those units in that Role. Take note that Tier Lists are subjective and they are only meant as guidelines for making your team. This list provides no particular order, but it lists what we think of the best units for this category as of Jan 31, 2020.


Tank Tier List

The Hulk is one of the best characters due to his stats and easy use. He has high dps, defense, and supportive capabilities while having decent mobility as well. His passive skill, Rage, provides him increased movement speed whenever he uses an ability. Once it’s activated, his basic attack provides increased damage and restores HP for survivability.

Jade Giant is a skill that enables him to throw a huge rock at a specific location, given that there aren’t any enemy heroes within 250 yards. This deals damage and inflicts slow for crowd control. If there are enemy heroes nearby, he will instead grab and attack the enemy to deal damage and gain invincibility. Hulk Smash lets him smash the ground to deal damage and knock opponents up for crowd control. Finally, he has shockwave where he can head to a direction to deal damage, enemies will head near the center of the attack and be slowed down. During this, Hulk can gain a small amount of damage immunity if he hits an enemy hero. This is useful for controlling crowds and for his defense since this will help him prolong himself on the battlefield.


Tank Tier List

Sandman is a tank that has good defenses, moderate dps and mobility, and small support. His Sand Trickle ability has 2 effects as passive skills. The first effect enables his basic attack to be enhanced during a 10 second interval to have more range, increased damage, and a slow effect. He can also pick up sand to restore his HP. The other effect lets him hit an enemy hero and reduce cooldown by a second.

Sand Hammer lets him strike in a direction to deal damage and slow, using the ability again will then deal extra damage and knock enemies up for crowd control which is good versus crowds. Sand Wall lets him attack in a given direction to deal damage and slow them down. The sand will then turn to a wall to obstruct enemy movement which is helpful for stopping charging enemies. Flying Sands lets him move towards a direction and deal damage while knocking them back. However, if they are knocked up against a wall then they’ll get stunned instead. Finally he has Sandstorm which lets him teleport to a specific location, enemies within range get damage and knocked up. Sandman may be tricky to use since if his HP is more than 100% of his base, he can increase his size which will modify some of his skills to have better bonuses.


Tank Tier List

Heimdall is a balanced tank with high dps and defense, he has moderate mobility and support options as well. His skill Omnipathy enables Heimdall to have a vision of the entire map for 5 seconds, this activates every 240 seconds which will help you gain an advantage over your surroudnings. Whenever he deals damage as well, he can accumulate Battle ry. Once it’s full, he can deal damage to enemies with his basic attack in order to heal himself which is good for survival. Gatekeeper is a skill that lets him assume a defensive stance, it reduces damage taken and accumulates battle cry.

Epee Attack lets him swing his sword towards a specific direction in order to deal damage, they can also get an armor penetration debuff that can be stacked. Epee Attack can be used 3 times and the final attack will have increased damage and slow. Hallowed Ground is a skill that lets him hurl his holy blade in a specific direction in order to deal damage. This creates a force field where you get shield. If Heimdall is in this field, his next basic attack will deal increased damage, and it lets him move to the opponent fast and knocks them up when hit. Finally, he has Admonishing Blade where he summons a giant sword to deal damage. When an enemy hero is defeated, he creates a field that can restore HP foryou and allies, as well as you getting increased battle cry.


Tank Tier List

Namor has moderate dps and defense, but has good supporting capabilities. You must watch out however due to his low mobility so you need to be wary of your movement. His skill, King of Atlantis, provides him with 2 passive effects. First, if he uses basic attacks on enemy heroes, he can create a pool of water near the feet of enemies which can be triggered every 10 seconds. The secondary effect of his passive lets him heal himself whenever he’s in that pool of water. This also provides him with increased movement speed. This water can be used to deal damage to enemies as well.

Raging Waves lets him attack a specific location for damage, and this provides slow and a pool of water. If this wave hits an existing pool of water already, you’ll get increased distance for the skill. Trident of Neptune lets you hurl an attack towards an enemy to deal damage, you can then get the trident back to deal damage on your path and pull enemies towards you for crowd control. Finally, he has Deep Sea Vortex which lets you jump towards a hero to create a whirlpool. Anyone near the whirlpool gets pulled in and takes damage. Once you’re familiar his pool of water mechanic, you should be able to prolong yourself on the battlefield thanks to your self-healing capabilities.


Tank Tier List

Groot is a combination of a Tank and a Support. He has excellent support capabilities, high defense, moderate mobility. However, his DPS isn’t the highest so make sure that you can take on enemies that you’re not on your own when taking on enemies. His Sapling passive enables him to survive a KO, you’ll turn into Baby Groot and you can move around until you’re back to your regular form. His secondary passive effect enables you to gain increased movement speed when you enter a brush. You’ll also be able to heal yourself during this period for prolonged survival.

Bark Stab is a passive and active skill. As a passive, this lets Groot lower his skill’s cooldown by a second when basic attacks hit enemies. As an active skill, he can extend his arms and grab opponents to deal damage and knock them up which is useful for crowd control. Branch Slap lets you deal damage in front of you and you can knock enemies up. Hitting an enemy hero using this skill will provide you with a shield. Finally, he has a skill called Growing Pains, this lets you send out vines within 1200 yards to immobilize enemies and deal damage. In order to be a useful tank, you’ll have to make use of his passive skill to heal himself in order for you to have long survivability.

The Thing

Tank Tier List

The Thing has one of the highest defenses available for tank roles in the game. He has moderate mobility and support as well to help with his survival, but his dps isn’t the greatest. He has a passive skill called Hard Rock, which enhances your basic attack every 10 seconds. Once activated, you can leap forward to a target and deal increased damage, and slow. Earthquake lets you have an area of effect near you, you’ll deal damage. You can also summon stone pillars to knock up enemies, deal damage, and slow them down for crowd control.

Quake lets you trample the ground 5 times; you’ll deal damage and slow. Once this skill finishes, aim your joystick to a direction in order to move away and deal damage where you’ll land. If you hit an enemy hero, you can gain a shield for increased survival. Finally, there’s Boulder Crash, this skill enables you to charge to a specific location in order to deal damage and knocking enemies aside if they’re in his path. Once he’s at his destination, he’ll damage enemies and knock them upward as well. The Thing excels in crowd control as well as his defenses, having proper team mates to finish enemies off will help as you soak up the damage.

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