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Kill Stage
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With the different events available in State of Survival, one of the tasks that you can do in the game can be part of an event in order for you to get more rewards. One of these, is the Kill Stage event which focuses on you, attacking other players in the game in order to get more points.

In this guide, we’ll discuss about the event mechanics work, and what rewards you can get. The Kill Stage event is one of the many types of classic events that you can find in the game that get rotated, so let’s begin!

Kill Stage Event Mechanics

One of the features in State of Survival is for you to send troops to the settlement of other players and fight them. In doing so, you get to claim their resources as one of the rewards which is very useful. Each march that you send that’s successful will get a report on how you did.

Kill Stage Event
Kill Stage Event

For the Kill Stage event, your goal is earning points in order to get rewards by killing, or heavily wounding an enemy soldier. This means that you will want to attack settlements that have a weaker battle power than you in order to ensure success.

How to earn Points: The total points that you can get will depend on the level of troop that you kill or successfully have wounded. The points provided are as follows:

Soldier Level
Lvl 1
1 Point
Lvl 2
1 Point
Lvl 3
2 Points
Lvl 4
3 Points
Lvl 5
4 Points
Lvl 6
5 Points
Lvl 7
7 Points
Lvl 8
9 Points
Lvl 9
11 Points
Lvl 10
13 Points

With this, you can get more points the higher leveled troops you’re able to kill or heavily wound. This system is added in order for you to prevent from picking very weak settlements only since that will take more time. Sending out troops to settlements that can be challenging may provide you with more points.

Kill Stage Rewards

So what kinds of rewards do you get? This will be based on the amount of points that you’re able to acquire. There are four tiers of rewards in total, and there are extra rewards as well if you have reached the leaderboard. You can obtain the following rewards below once you’re able to get the points needed:

Solo Points Target
Solo Points Target 1,000
x70 1000 Food, x70 1000 Wood
Solo Points Target 43,296
x33 Combat Manual I, x253 10,000 Food, x253 10,000 Wood, x50 10,000 Metal, x120 1000 Gas
Solo Points Target 108,240
x4 Epic Hero Badge, x34 5m Building Speedup, x34 5m Research Speedup, x34 5m Training Speedup
Solo Points Target 216,480
x4750 Biocaps, x5 Legendary Hero Badge

Leaderboard Rewards: Depending on your performance on the Leaderboard, you can get Epic Search Maps, Biocaps, and 1 Hour Construction Speedups

Kill Stage Event Tips

The event happens in a few days so trying to get as much points as possible is very tempting. So, what can you do in order to get better points? Here are some tips that will help you with this event:

1. Make sure that your Lookout Tower is upgraded to its maximum level. This will help you get better Recon abilities that can tell you about your enemy’s troops.

2. Check the settlement you plan to attack. Send a recon to know if you can match up versus their defenses and troops.

3. If you plan to send a March, make sure to check your battle report once they return. You’ll be able to monitor how much enemy soldiers you kill or wound. You can also find if you lost any troops as well, this way you can stop sending if it’s costing you.

4. Enemy marches do not cost Stamina, so you can send multiple marches to different settlements. Try to make sure that your troop march’s battle power will be sufficient for the enemies.

5. Always check if your Alliance have sister allies. You wouldn’t want to attack a settlement that’s supposed to be in good terms with your alliance.

The Kill Stage event is a good way for you to get resources, exp, speed ups, biocaps, and more. Once you’re done using up your Stamina, you can focus on doing the event if you wish. Not only will you get resources from the attacks, but you’re rewarded for the points that you rack up!

We hope that our guide has helped you with this event. Please check our events section on the right-hand side to see the different kinds of events that can occur in the game. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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